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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Commentary / New Testament / Jesus, the Gospels & Acts
  • Language:English
  • Pages:66
  • eBook ISBN:9789671721919

The Christmas Sutra

by Meng Chan

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Unlock the profound wisdom of Jesus' teachings through 'The Christmas Sutra,' a compilation of seven short poems that distill his essential message. Inspired by 'The Gospel of Thomas,' 'The Heart Sutra' of Guanyin, and the birth story of Jesus, this book reveals hidden layers of meaning within the Christmas story, presenting a unique perspective on the teachings of Jesus.
Discover the enlightening insights within 'The Christmas Sutra,' a thought-provoking work by Meng Chan that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Jesus' teachings. Rooted in the birth story of Jesus and influenced by 'The Gospel of Thomas' and 'The Heart Sutra' of Guanyin, this book presents a fresh perspective on the teachings of Jesus through seven succinct poems. The essence of 'The Christmas Sutra' is inspired by the idea of distilling profound wisdom into a concise and memorable format, akin to 'The Heart Sutra' of Guanyin, which encapsulates Buddha's essential teachings. Meng Chan's aim is to offer readers a similar experience with Jesus' teachings through a collection of seven thoughtfully crafted poems. The birth story of Jesus serves as the foundation for 'The Christmas Sutra,' drawing parallels to the birth story of Buddha and his 'Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha' teaching. Meng Chan ingeniously explores the symbolic significance of 'Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh,' 'Wine, Baptism, and Bread,' and 'The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.' Through these connections, he unveils hidden layers of meaning within the Christmas story that offer a profound understanding of Jesus' essential message. In his earlier works, Meng Chan showcased his talent for uncovering hidden messages within classical music. In 'Sacred images of the Well-tempered Clavier,' he unraveled coded symbols in Bach's music to reveal biblical stories. 'Bach and Chopin decoded' showcased Chopin's adoption of Bach's coding method to infuse his music with biblical themes. 'The Christmas Sutra' continues in this vein, delving into the core teachings of Jesus to unveil their hidden depths. The author, Meng Chan, is not only a gifted classical pianist and musician but also an author who excels in deciphering encoded meanings within art forms. His trilogy of books showcases his knack for unearthing hidden messages in classical music and now in Jesus' teachings. With 'The Christmas Sutra,' Meng Chan's endeavor is to enlighten readers with the depth and beauty of Jesus' message, encouraging them to explore beyond the surface and find the profound truth that lies within.
About the author
Meng Chan, a renowned classical pianist, musician, and author, hails from Malaysia and was born in 1958. With a multifaceted artistic and intellectual approach, he has authored three impactful books to date. The common thread binding his works is his unique ability to unveil hidden messages within various art forms. In 'Sacred images of the Well-tempered Clavier,' Meng Chan uncovered the coded symbols in Bach's music, revealing biblical narratives intricately woven within the notes. His second work, 'Bach and Chopin decoded,' delved into Chopin's utilization of Bach's coding method to infuse his music with profound biblical themes. Now, in 'The Christmas Sutra,' Meng Chan uncovers the hidden layers of wisdom within Jesus' teachings, offering readers a transformative perspective on the Christmas story. Meng Chan's expertise in deciphering coded meanings has led him to showcase hidden truths in classical music and religious teachings. His trilogy of books, including 'The Christmas Sutra,' showcases his commitment to unveiling profound insights that lie beneath the surface. Meng Chan's explorations challenge readers to delve deeper into art forms and uncover the wisdom that remains concealed to casual observers.
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