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  • SubGenre:Sales & Selling / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:362
  • Paperback ISBN:9798376543924

The Champion Sell

The 5 E.L.I.T.E. Sales Habits to Building and Winning with Buyer Champions

by Richard Rivera

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Why do salespeople fail to build pipeline, avoid buyer objections and conflict, and convert sales meetings into qualified opportunities? It's not related to a methodology, process, tendency to challenge, or their product knowledge.

They don't know how to sell to PEOPLE.

What's the number one reason that sellers struggle to win deals with predictability and control, while continually getting outsold?

They don't build CHAMPIONS.

Simply, the disconnects that occur in sales conversations and sales strategies where we make ourselves the hero are the two biggest problems occurring in our sales profession today and what Richard Rivera's The Champion Sell will help you and your teams solve.

What elite sellers possess, more than any other trait, is the focus, intuitiveness, and ability to build Buyer Champions.
The Champion Sell teaches sellers how to Build and strategically Win with Champions, the people who have the power, influence, and economic access needed to win on our behalf. With a focus on evolving the reader and listener's mindset with simple, science-based, and experience-based concepts for how human buyers react and make decisions, elite sales principles are applied to practical situations across the full sales lifecycle, for any type of sell.

Leveraging over two decades of complex B2B sales and sales leadership experience, paired with a deep study into human psychology, Rivera illuminates the foundational gaps that exist in our abilities to attract high-trust buyer connections to us and what we sell, inspire Champions to take action with urgency, and empower them to get deals done and win.

These mindsets and habits should be fundamental to our sales craft, yet too many sales managers and modern sales books have neglected to guide focus on the right thing...BUYERS! Taught through five E.L.I.T.E. sales habits crossing foundational understanding of emotional human decision making, leading buyer/seller connection in sales conversations, inspiring Champion commitment, building trust, and empowering Champions to win, listeners will gain a game-changing level of buyer and sales intuitiveness, elevating their sales craft to an elite standard of Champion excellence.

No Champions. No Deal!  --  Enjoy The Champion Sell.


THE CHAMPION SELL is the only book to uniquely focus on the one greatest mystery and challenge of the sales profession, Building Buyer Champions!  Author Richard Rivera does more than just share the common definitions and offer overused hyperbole about the importance of Buyer Champions in the sell. He empowers the reader to transform to an ELITE level through three transformative outcomes in their sales craft:

1. Human Understanding - laying out the basic but powerful psychology of the human mind, how it reacts and makes decisions, and the mental decision journey that every buyer goes through on road to becoming our committed Champion

2. Early-Stage Champion Building - from understanding strategies for different tendencies of Champion targets, to emotionally connecting buyers to a unique value proposition in the initial sales conversations, and then gaining firm commitment to becoming our Champions, Rivera lays out the intuitive awareness and elite habits behind the "how".

3. Later-Stage Champion-based Deal Strategy - the "how" lessons of truly elite sales mastery continue into strategies and habits to build trust in Champions to push deals through their complicated processes and then empower those Champions to ultimately win together

THE CHAMPION SELL is more than a "how to" book on building Champions. It's a masterclass in elite level selling providing a refreshing modern enlightenment into the simplicity of the human-centered sell.

About the author
Richard Rivera has served as a three-time Chief Revenue Officer, go-to-market executive, and consistent top 5% leading seller at different high-growth SaaS technology companies with multiple company acquisitions and IPO's. Rivera is known as a dynamic trainer of sales and leadership excellence, as well as transformational executive, consultant, and advisor. Built around the concepts in this book and countless other programs he's built, Rivera has lived out his passion for serving people in training and developing thousands of sellers and leaders around the globe. Richard lives with his wife and five amazing children in Austin, Texas.

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