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  • SubGenre:Small Business
  • Language:English
  • Pages:154
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781483562407

The Business Bible

A 10-Step Revolutionary Guide to Conquering Your Business

by Arman Sadeghi

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The Business Bible provides small to medium size business owners and CEOs the guidance they need to take their business to much higher levels. It is written by a serial entrepreneur and neuroscientist with a focus on real-world guidance that gets results for the business owner. Arman Sadeghi is the founder of many companies including Titanium Success, which focuses on helping people, especially business owners, reach new heights.
As you read this book, you will be astounded and excited to learn incredibly powerful tools that can help any business massively expand its profits and grow beyond your wildest dreams. While some of these tools are classic business skills that have been taught throughout the ages, many are tools that I created as a result of my unique background that combines business with neuroscience. Arman Sadeghi's background is in neuroscience with a degree in molecular and cell biology and neurobiology, and he enjoys the way neuroscience is involved in just about every aspect of life, especially in business. Understanding how the human mind works is vital to a successful business, since being able to predict how and why people behave the way they do will fuel your sales, marketing, operations, and finances, and will help you understand your own mindset as a business owner as well as the thoughts of your customers and employees. As you’re reading these chapters, every once in a while, think about how a neuroscientist might possibly approach your business. But if you forget this section completely and focus just on the business tools without even thinking about the neuroscience behind them, you’ll still get valuable lessons that will fuel your business. I designed these tools in such a way that, whether you understand how they work or not, they will still get you the results. Read this book in an alert state and focus on consistently applying the things that you learn from each chapter starting that day and going forward. Do not wait until you finish the book before you begin to implement the things that you have learned. And most of all, prepare for your business and your life to change forever.
About the author
Arman Sadeghi is the creator of the Titanium Success Method, which has helped thousands of people reach peak performance. His interest in personal development stemmed from his own experiences as a young adult. Arman was perplexed by the fact that many individuals attained massive success quickly, as he had, but lacked happiness and fulfillment as well as those who attained success in specific areas but lost it quickly. This began an obsession with discovering the secrets and tools that allow individuals to succeed at a high level in every area of life while enjoying the process and maintaining the results for life. For the last 22 years, Arman has focused on learning, creating and sharing the tools that allow individuals to attain success at the highest levels on a consistent basis while enjoying daily fulfillment and happiness. In the areas of financial abundance, weight loss, fitness, intimacy, relationships, time management, entrepreneurship, spirituality, career, family and true happiness, Arman has developed some of the world’s most advanced techniques. His revolutionary and unique approach is one that brings together his “4 pillars of mastery” which are knowledge, subconscious support, proven tools and conditioning. While many books and programs focus on giving individuals knowledge, Arman believes that approach only addresses 25% of what is needed for consistent success! All of his work, including live events and private coaching, revolve around the concept that individuals attain mastery only when they have the knowledge but also the subconscious support, proven tools and consistent conditioning required for true mastery. In August, 2015, The Anaheim Convention Center will be host to Titanium Live, Arman Sadeghi’s highly anticipated annual event. This event is well-known for transform hundreds of lives in a group setting by providing participants with not only the knowledge but also the subconscious support, tools and conditioning required for ultimate success and fulfillment. Arman attended 2 years at Harvard Medical School, and has a degree in Neuroscience and Molecular & Cell Biology from University of California Berkeley. He has established and grown twelve companies in various industries and currently plays an active role in five. One of the companies, All Green Electronics Recycling, has over 120 employees and was recently ranked as the 366th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc. Magazine. As an entrepreneur, Arman’s focus on employee satisfaction and a culture of excellence within his companies have helped him develop companies that thriving, while providing their clients with the highest level of service and the highest quality in their respective industries! The success he has found in business, relationships, health, fitness, finances and fulfillment have fueled his desire to help others dramatically improve their quality of life in a matter of days or weeks rather than years! Through his seminars, writing, speaking and coaching, Arman provides instruction on how to create balance in all areas of life with a focus on consistent fulfillment and growth. After decades of research and real-life trial and error, he has created a complete system with specific tools that get guaranteed results that last for a lifetime!