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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Methods / Quick & Easy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:76
  • eBook ISBN:9780987530400

The Art of Roaming Cooking

Easy Recipes Designed for Travelers

by Jacqui Treagus

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Collection of 60+ easy travel recipes for cooking on the road out of ‘roaming kitchens’ e.g. RVs, Caravans, Hostels, Self-Contained Accommodation. Basic ingredients, minimum fuss, minimum left over ingredients, no fancy cooking equipment (not even a blender!) or skills required. Recipes designed for travelers - leaving you with a healthier body and budget to enjoy your traveling experiences.
The Art of Roaming Cooking ebook is your must have travelling resource containing 50+ easy recipe ideas designed for travelers. As the recipes require only basic ingredients you can buy just about anywhere, can be made in 5 or less easy steps, do not require fancy cooking equipment or skills, or leave lots of left over ingredients you need to worry about storing or carrying, this ebook is a great resource when cooking in either hostels, motorhomes, couch surfing or self-contained accommodation. The Art of Roaming Cooking will: - provide inspiration and save you stress by not having to worry about what to cook all the time; - give you confidence for cooking in a shared kitchen; - save you money by not wasting it on ingredients you end up only using a little of or spending it on dining out; - save you time by not having to sift through unsuitable recipes; - save your health by ensuring you are consuming a variety of nutrients and lessening the temptation to buy dry, prepackaged meals filled with fats, sugars and preservatives. Ingredients are listed with metric and imperial measurements and a metric/imperial conversion table is also provided. This eCookbook is also useful for back home when you are looking for variety in cooking healthy, tasty meals on a budget with little fuss. The Art of Roaming Cooking will ensure that you have a variety of the easiest recipes at your fingertips, making it less likely to be tempted to purchase ‘convenience meals’ on your travels - which means healthier body and budget! Being in digital form, the ebook enables easy access to recipes when you really need them – on the go, in the supermarket, quickly. Requiring only basic ingredients also helps to speed up the shopping experience! The recipes also leave minimum left over ingredients - no need to worry about how you are going to store or carry them. It is the perfect traveler's resource and makes a great gift too.
About the author
Jacqui loves to bring enjoyment to other people’s lives by either introducing them to new things or helping to make life simpler and creating more space for enjoyment. She has done this in a number of ways including teaching various forms of partner dance, creating a ‘Limbusine’ service as well as in her regular ‘day job’ as a Business Analyst - helping people’s work life run more smoothly and efficiently and consequently be more fun. What inspired her to write the book? Always looking for ways on how to make things ‘more efficient’, Jacqui thought of her own experiences of travel, seeing other people cook different sorts of meals in hostels and wondering how did they know what to cook? Not having her own cookbooks on her while travelling and not having the skill of ‘making something up’ while standing in the aisle of a supermarket deciding what to buy, she knew that she would love a cookbook like this…one that helped her to cook healthy meals on the road with minimum effort and fuss (who wants to be carrying around lots of left over fancy ingredients?) and ultimately save her money by not dining out or buying takeaway all of the time. After carrying out research and not finding much out there in the way of cookbooks and recipes for travelers who did have access to kitchen facilities, Jacqui set about curating and writing the content for her own cookbook ‘The Art of Roaming Cooking’ – hoping to help make traveler’s lives easier when cooking on the road. It has now become her 'goto' cookbook at home too.