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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Ethnomusicology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:168
  • eBook ISBN:9781626754676

The Armenian Duduk

A Complete Guide

by Dave Tawfik

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A book in English for anyone looking to learn how to play the Armenian Duduk. The book covers all aspects of playing, including basic technique, basic scales, and exercises, and then moves onto pieces and more intermediate pedagogical studies. The book also covers the Mughamat modal system, the system of scales used in the music heard in solo Duduk performances, along with several folk song transcriptions.
The Armenian Duduk: A complete guide is probably one of the few books in English that covers all you need to know, to be able to play this elusive and exotically haunting instrument. The book goes over the fundamental basics of the instrument, how to hold it, proper hand technique, and gives exercises to help develop the beginner into being able to play basic pieces. The book then moves onto the techniques used, including sluring, vibrato, and the Shake lip trills. The book also includes intermediate Duduk pieces transcibed, including "Hovern Engan", "Siretsi Yaris Daran (the tune that was used in the "Gladiator" soundtrack), as well as some Mughamat Solos. The later chapters of the book cover the modal systems used, including Mugham and Maqam. The Mughamat system is explained in detail, and each mode is analysed and presented in their forms for study. The appendix section contains useful information on how to read music, Circular breathing, online resources, Duduk maintenance, as well as fingering charts. The book also covers the notation system used for Duduk, and is all you need to get started playing the Armenian Duduk.
About the author
Dave Tawfik is something of a "Jack of all trades". He is a Teacher, a writer, a producer, a graphic designer, a sound engineer, a composer, and one hell of a good cook! An accomplished guitar player, graduating from the acclaimed Academy Of Contemporary Popular Music in Guildford Surrey, Dave's musical abilities have been focused primarily in educating & instructing, alongside working in media for production. His interest initially in the Armenian Duduk was to use it in his compositions for Film & T.V, but since he couldn't track a player of this wonderful instrument, he chose to find one and learn the basics to assist his writing of music for future works. Several years later, Dave is now appearing on soundtracks and songs by respected artists and composers, as well as producing his own compositions with the Duduk. After having received hundreds of emails on the Duduk, he added a new section to his website, which with a impromptu lesson series on YouTube, has led to his work being viewed in over 115 countries & landing the #1 spot on Google for "Duduk Lessons". With the rising popularity of his videos and the increase of volume in emails, he sought to take all the research and hard work he had put into his Duduk playing, and share it with others, and hopefully bridge the gap in educational learning materials for those wishing to play Duduk. Dave has also released several albums via his artist name "Dreamfullofzen", the last of which was 2035, which featured an eclectic blend of heavy guitars, Duduk, electronic beats and textures into an interesting fusion of Western and Eastern sounds. Alongside the 2035 album was the accompanying 2035 Comic. Currently, Dave is a part time faculty member for the A.U.C in Egypt's music department, and is working freelance as a composer for media, and as a duduk player internationally for hire, as well as producing and writing for several major projects.