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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Europe / Great Britain / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:280
  • eBook ISBN:9781543966886
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543966879

The Accident

by Elizabeth Connell

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Set in England during the Regency period and the Napoleonic Wars, it is a story of a young girl denied a mother's love. Her father raised her like a son. The accident took her mother's life and also crippled her father. At seven-and-ten, instead of a come-out in London, she must take on the duty of nursing her invalid father and managing their estate. After her father died, his heir, Captain Beverly, was brought home with severe war injuries. Through many twists and turns, she learned more about life and love and finally learned the shocking truth about her mother. Book One of "The Coletrane Series."


The heroine is a young woman whose family held her back from the social world for years. When her mother died in a hunting accident, her father was severely injured, making him an invalid. She nursed him and managed their estate for eleven years. He restricted her movements, making her a recluse. Having no son, the estate was inherited by a cousin. Anne was destitute - she would have to leave when he took possession. But the heir was a soldier fighting in the Napoleonic Wars in Portugal. Anne was asked to continue her duties as manager. She resigned herself to a loveless life - her future was bleak. A year later, the soldier was injured and sent home in high fevers. She once again had a patient. As he improved, they became friends. Then his old school friend visited and he had an interest in Anne. She feared him as they had quarreled when they last met and he told her rumors of her mother's life in London. Anne and Joseph tried to solve the mystery of the accident, especially the rumor of murder. They shared the tragedy of it, even through the tender beginnings of love. One day, Anne read the letters from her father's security box and they learned the devastating truth, throwing her into great fear and pain. They decided they must take action against the perpetrators and to seek justice, for Anne's sake.

About the author

Elizabeth Connell, historical novelist, was born in Nova Scotia to a large family. Reading became her favorite pastime; opening her eyes to a whole different world in this time before television. The days the Bookmobile visited her little country school were special. Marriage and children were fulfilling and she worked in banking and real estate over the years. A new hobby in Ancestry fed her love of history - what was happening in Great Britain and Ireland that caused her ancestors to emigrate? After retiring, she pursued her interests in writing and traveling. She is now striving to complete a series of three historical novels.