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  • SubGenre:Concepts / Words
  • Age Range (years):3 - 5
  • Language:English
  • Pages:30
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543993202

Susie's Shoes Go Missing

by Susan Johnson

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Learning language concepts and expanding vocabulary can help children progress with communication skills, reading skills and socializing by expressing their thoughts and feelings. This book was written to help young children learn a variety of prepositions to describe where objects are located like Susie's shoes. Once these words are in their vocabulary, they can learn how to use them in conversation in different contexts.


Susie's Shoes Go Missing is a book about a little girl named Susie, Pirate, her cat and the use of prepositions. Each morning, one of Susie's shoes disappears until she finds them with the help of her cat, Pirate. But who keeps hiding her shoes? Young readers will have fun learning prepositions by answering the "Where" questions throughout the book all while trying to solve the mystery of Susie's missing shoes. The prepositions are in bold print to help the reader focus on emphasizing them.

 "Where Is Pirate" is a preposition practice page on the last page of the book. It teaches prepositions such as: under, over, in, out, in front of, beside....etc.  Parents and teachers can touch the squares from left to right and ask, "Where is Pirate?" They can model the answer at the word level and then the phrase level such as: "in the box, behind the fence", until the child can say it by themselves. This practice page can be used frequently to improve a child's accuracy and speed by correctly using these commonly-used prepositions.

About the author

Susan loves children's literature and is passionate about how reading to a child can enhance their communication skills, vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. During her years working with children who had speech and language needs, she found that books which taught language concepts had a big impact on her student's language development. 

About the Illustrator

Emily Call began drawing at an early age, spending hours at her kitchen table building imaginary worlds. She always knew she wanted to illustrate children's books someday. She used her creative genius by making this book come to life as she created Susie, Pirate, and Susie's bedroom.  

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