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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:A journey of Redemption
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:40
  • eBook ISBN:9781642045154


The Unbreakable Hero: A Journey of Redemption

by Sean Timberlake

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Set up by four dirty cops in a corrupt unit in a police department in a city where he grew up in this man was sentenced to 18 years on one sentence four years on another for a total of 22 years for crime in new absolutely nothing about inte entering into a world of danger surrounded by all kind of criminals of various kinds Super-Cat had to find a way to survive the prison system and make it out alive a tall task with danger on every angle on every side navigating to the prison system is like walking in the war zone at any given time you can step on a landmine finding ways to occupy his time he decided to go back to school and complete some things that he started and didn't finish education wise first by getting a high school diploma then starting a trade to have a way to support himself upon release from hell and also using these techniques as a way to keeping his sanity while in such a hostile environment!
Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he would be convicted of the crime that he was accused of being so he knew absolutely nothing about it this wasn't a mistaken identity this was a personal vendetta from a police officer who promised this man that he was going to put his black ass in jail when he was 14 15 16 years old imagine a police officer right past slowing down in the car just to threaten you and then years later he breaks the law that he swears to uphold to fulfill a promise that he made to a juvenile who wasn't even in the streets no more turned the corner and was trying to make something out of itself then his past came back the old personal vendetta the police seen the opportunity to set him up and by the way took it and unfortunately for so many black men arrested around the world could never get a fair trial because the jury looks at them like either they did it they knew something about it or they did something in the past and they going to pay for it now is the reality that most have to live with especially being in circles this is a situations like this but to take a terrible situation such as this and trying to bring the absolute best out of it for himself and to show others what a person could do with a second chance if they got one, this is a powerful story of redemption , and nobody said that the road to Redemption was smooth or easy waking hearing people screaming fights breaking out everywhere and a gymnasium and a cafeteria on the tear violence is everywhere people getting stabbed raped people oding over drugs getting stabbed to death this is an environment that no one should have to live in especially someone who's been convicted of a crime that they had no knowledge of but in spite of we're going to bring the best out of a bad situation for the world to see and just fire anyone who's ever been in this type of situation to hold on until they can get out of that situation there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy this story of super cat the unbreakable hero I believe you will find it fascinating
About the author
Meet Sean Timberlake a seasoned professional who's expertise spend over diverse realms with a remarkable 30 years as a master Barber Sean has perfected the art of hair styling and client satisfaction and body and excellence in grooming as a real estate investor for over 25 years he navigates property markets with strategic finesse earning respect in the industry Sean's creative Powers extend to fashion where he has pioneered as a clothing designer for over two decades blending style and comfort seamlessly an entrepreneur and product developer Sean owns Timberlake enterprises LLC and second chance Brand LLC showcasing his business acumen. Beyond his professional pursuits Sean is an inspired inspirational speaker sharing his experiences at colleges prisons churches and youth detention centers a prolific writer he has authored four books and both a collection of 20 plus ebooks proven valuable insights at 53 Sean is not only a professional powerhouse but a devout family man with a fiance five children and 14 grandchildren leaving a legacy of success inspiration and empowerment for his family and friends.