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  • SubGenre:Small Business
  • Language:English
  • Pages:60
  • eBook ISBN:9781618426390

Strategic Staging

A Process to Grow, Fund or Sell Your Business by Overcoming Your Two Greatest Obstacles… Time & Expense

by Carmen Lobis

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It makes no difference what your goals are: growing, funding or selling your business. You need to do it quickly and inexpensively. The book outlines a unique and proprietary step by step process that is designed to achieve your goal at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.
For more than 30 years the author has worked with businesses from Fortune 500 to very small ones assisting them primarily to grow their businesses, eliminating the “fatal errors” that can so devastate an organization. His first observation was how closely related all three business paths were. It was almost impossible to be successful in one area without being able to be successful in the other two. During that time he also observed and documented what worked and how the successful businesses were able to expedite their successes. Along with some of his business associates he have documented here the best tools, techniques and templates employed by the most successful. There are 33 elements of which businesses need to be aware that will prepare them to successfully travel any or all of these paths. if you follow them you will significantly reduce the time for success and substantially improve your odds. It is so much easier than you think.
About the author
About the Author Over a 35-year period Carmen Lobis has held key sales and marketing positions, run his own business, and has been a successful business advisor to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. As an engineering graduate of Drexel University he embarked upon a career in business as a sales representative for IBM, where he took the engineering disciplines he learned and the logical approach to solving problems, and applied them to the sales and marketing challenges he faced in the IT Industry. During that period he became especially interested in an intensive planning process developed by IBM during a period of intense competition from cloning companies that were attacking profit margins. Over a 25-year period he and an associate refined the process and have successfully implemented it in dozens of situations. His association with a peer advisory group, CEO Focus, offered him an opportunity to watch how successful business owners and CEO’s addressed their business problems and issues. He and some of his CEO Focus associates quickly uncovered the key elements that were common to a business’ general health and documented a unique and proprietary step-by-step process that quickly and inexpensively demonstrates the issues a company needs to address and how to fix them. This book relates the key elements of the process and provides the reader with a blueprint he or she can use to grow, fund or sell a business.