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  • Genre:MEDICAL
  • SubGenre:Holistic Medicine
  • Language:English
  • Pages:114
  • eBook ISBN:9781667897912
  • Paperback ISBN:9798218129651

Stolen Intellect

Recovering the Missing Link to Generational Health

by Catrina Ravenel

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Family, we have become a sick nation and our national IQ is terrible too low! This book is all about the healing powers of Mother Nature and her amazing connection to our generational good health and intelligence. Mother Nature alone holds the solutions to our compromised health and thyroid conditions. People with thyroid conditions believe diseases run in their family, or are challenged with breast disease, breast cancer, infertility, thyroid disease, erectile dysfunction, various other cancers, fibroids, learning disabilities, receding hairlines, weight problems, fatigue, post partem, pain, arthritis, infant mortality, premature deaths, difficulty swallowing, excessive menstrual cycle issues and so much more. Mother Nature has the solutions to heal and restore - for FREE. So, what motivated me to write about the healing powers of Mother Nature in the first place?


I was compelled to write Stolen Intellect (Recovering the Missing Link to Generational Health) because there are more than TWO BILLION men, women, and children right now who are deficient in iodine and other important minerals and they don't have a clue, and neither did I. What most people do not know is that the geographical location where they live, or were born and raised, can severely compromise their health, or prolong it. It can also raise your children's intelligence or severely compromise it! After all, a well-nourished brain can hold and retain large volumes of information!

Unfortunately, I learned this information the hard way. My son was born with a severe learning disability which is when my independent research journey began. Since the medical institutions did not have the answers or solutions to address my son's issue, I journeyed on my own to discover what went wrong but more importantly how to correct the wrong. And out of my desperation, determination and devastation, my purpose was born. For I did not choose this path, it chose me.

While conducting research, my understanding and comprehension miraculously expanded, and I was able to help many family members, coworkers and friends heal themselves naturally. Some of them eliminated lumps in the breast, relieved shoulder pain, throat pain, and hip pain. I can't wait for you to read the parents’ testimonies about their children with speech problems, learning disabilities and low IQs which improved in WEEKS along with their immune systems. So, I wrote this book hoping to enlighten and inspire you on your healing journey. My understanding about health and disease prevention by way of Mother Nature, has been a blessing to myself and many others who are desperately praying for alternative solutions. Two billion people are just too many who are still mineral deficient!

About the author

My name is Catrina Ravenel, and I am the author of Stolen Intellect “recovering the missing link to generational health.”  I am on a game changing mission to raise our children’s IQ and increase our knowledge about health so we can eradicate "diseases" naturally and live healthier. I have three beautiful children and two amazing grandchildren, and we live in the Atlanta area. I am not a medical doctor, and I am not here to treat “diseases.”

I am a critical thinker, a game changing researcher, an intuitive health coach and a nature advocate. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work from the university system of Georgia. I received public health training from the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. I am here to share my unique perspective about health by sharing the wisdom downloaded to me about the supreme intelligence of Mother Nature. Peace (shalom).

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