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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Christian / Collections & Anthologies
  • Language:English
  • Pages:244
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543988239

Something Else Entirely

Collected Works

by Donna Lee Davis

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Uplifting stories, including THE WATCHING TREE, A Parable for Easter, which could become a holiday classic; the poignant PAPPY'S GIRL, a bittersweet take on the consecrated life from a nonbeliever's point of view; and the novella DUST AND SHADOW, which looks in on Chaplain Damon Keith's extraordinary career 11 years after the events in the novel MATTER OF DISCRETION.


SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY is just that. Short stories that will make you smile and make you think, tales that will touch your heart. Three poems that are prayers—or prayers that are poetic—and an essay that speaks truth. Perhaps most importantly, this collection includes DUST AND SHADOW, the sequel and companion book to MATTER OF DISCRETION. If you already know Navy Chaplain Damon Keith and that novel's cast of characters, you will happily meet them again here. If not, you will surely want to get acquainted!


“Donna Lee Davis combines finely crafted prose and poetry in Something Else Entirely. The short stories tell tales of aging, death, love lost, love found, friendship, family devotion and the power of forgiveness.  Sincere, heartfelt, real and sacred, this anthology reads like butter on warm bread, smoothly melting into the recesses of the soul. The novella ‘Dust and Shadow’ plunges you into the story without hesitation. I was instantly immersed . . . even though I had not read Matter of Discretion. The opening lines of ‘The Interview’ begin with eternal truth [that] there are moments in life which offer a grace that can change a life forever. Something Else Entirely graces us with meaningful stories to hold close and ponder for a lifetime.”—Cheryl E. Rodriguez

“Wholesome and Entertaining. ‘Ghost Story’ is something that will give you a lot to think about and shake you to the core. . . I was also amazed at how emotionally comprehensive and sound the characters were. Each story is a slice of life, one that transports you into the lives of the characters. I just devoured each story!”—Rabia Tanveer

"What really centers the work is the realism that Davis brings to each of her characters, who are exceedingly well developed throughout and drive each story home with committed dialogue and realistic presentation of thought and speech.  Overall, Something Else Entirely provides an excellent introduction to author Donna Lee Davis and her many talents."--K. C. Finn

About the author

Donna Lee Davis is the author of the novel Matter of Discretion as well as Here Is the Church: A History of St. Mary Parish. Her poetry is collected in Sheer Poetry Revisited; individual poems have been reprinted in periodicals. In 2007 her short story "Pappy's Girl" was short listed for the Chicago Tribune's Nelson Algren Award, and in 2010 it was published in Carpe Articulum Literary Review. She maintains a blog, "Just A Few Lines . . ." at www.donnaleedavis.com. As a retired military justice court reporter Donna holds the Navy Department's Meritorious Civilian Service Medal. She resides in rural Hartwood, Virginia.

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