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  • SubGenre:Security
  • Language:English
  • Pages:12
  • eBook ISBN:9781483599144

Someone Is Going to Die

A Solution and Strategy for Peace in the Middle East

by K. Michael Lawson

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This book lays out a global perception that's necessary for the working out of world peace. Political and ideological agendas do not take precedence over life itself. However, some will die in spite of any long or short term strategies towards peace and resolution. Some are obviously disillusioned or sincerely wrong about their ideology and there will be hell to pay, for bloody murder and war crimes. A strong coalition with determination and united effort will bring some degree of peace, but the victory will ultimately be long term. Surrounding nations must step up, and opposing nations must disclose the truth about their objectives. This book looks at the imposition of a plan and a strategy that ultimately will preserve life.
What if by a better military and long term strategy hundreds or even thousands of lives could be saved. Its about green light thinking. Green light thinking is a perception; its a trained and disciplined mind geared towards problem solving and conflict resolution. Its optimistic in the midst of negativity and difficult circumstance. This type of thinking is paramount, not just in the Middle-East crisis but in every aspect of life. Intrinsic ideologies are a building platform for all of our thinking; an intellectual reference point, if you will. They have been foundational to the entire direction of history itself. Core belief must be confronted with truth and commen sense values, and yes basic human rights. Prudent action and a clear overall picture and strategy for peace, will preserve life, and provide the landscape for easier decision making along the way.
About the author
K. Michael Lawson is a problem solver and visionary thinker who has lived in over 30 countries of the world (including Islamic culture). First and foremost this is a book geared towards the preservation of life, and in no way advocates the taking of life. It embraces practical realities of ideological conflict, and the ramifications thereof. Solution orientation is the focus, however whatever strategy is imposed, "Someone is going to Die". May the words of this book be an inspiration to the saving of a few, or perhaps even thousands of lives.