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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Expeditions & Discoveries
  • Language:English
  • Pages:174
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667868288

Solving the Atlantis Mystery

How the Mythical Island Rose Out of the Ice Age

by Michael Horn

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This game-changing book reveals how Atlantis was once a real island in the Atlantic, the consequence of an overlooked quirk of geology. You will be taken on an easy-to-read adventure in popular science, showing how the frigid climate of the Ice Age caused a large island to rise in the Atlantic. And at the end of the Ice Age, when those uplifting forces faded, Atlantis was doomed to sink!

This amazing discovery will make you a believer that Atlantis was real!


The book reveals a quirk of geology that caused the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a submerged mountain range that exists today – to rise substantially above sea level during the last Ice Age, creating a large island. Then, at the end of the Ice Age the glaciers receded reversing the process and the island rapidly sank. The book's premise is partly derived from the scientific findings of several prominent, published geologists.

Interestingly, the timing and location of this transient Atlantic island coincide precisely with what Plato claims about Atlantis. Solving the Atlantis Mystery reveals the most promising evidence yet in support of the ancient existence of Atlantis. It does so by demonstrating a proven geological process for why it almost certainly did!

The book is illustrated and written to a popular-science, history’s-mysteries oriented audience. It is, however, thorough enough to be of interest to those technically adept in the earth sciences, history and anthropology.

About the author
Michael Horn was an award-winning scientist and principal investigator at the Northrop Grumman Corporate Research Center in NY and Brookhaven National Laboratories. He was once Grumman Aerospace Inventor of the Year. One of Mr. Horn's patents was cited in the Popular Science 10 Best Inventions of the Year Awards in 2011. Michael Horn is currently a science writer with articles including "Roadmap to the Electric Car Economy", and "The Future of Alien Contact: Will ET ever return our call" His extensive experience allows him to write with authority about the events that created and destroyed the legendary Island of Atlantis.