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Book details
  • SubGenre:Bilingual Education
  • Language:English
  • Pages:28
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798218023881

Snorkkel Whalengton "Kindness"

by Arlene Wray

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Snorkkel Whalengton meets a new friend, and he wants to help to make him happy. They love dinosaurs and challenge each other to see whose dinosaur can roar the loudest. Snorkkel goes with his mother to a family center when he's not watching the football game with his father. Young Snorkkel Whalengton learns valuable life lessons like kindness, sharing, love, and caring for each other.

After finding out the sad story about his new friend, Snorkkel Whalengton decides to help him. But how can he devise a plan? He tells his mother about the idea. She loves it. Snorkkel stories were created for children to emulate kindness, respect, encouragement, antibullying, empathy, and helpfullness____a children's book for all ages.

Available in English and Chinese

About the author
My name is Arlene Wray, and I'm the author and creator of the Snorkkel Whalengton children's books. I was inspired to write Snorkkel Whalengton through my experience as a preschool educator, nanny, and grandmother. For more than 15 years, I have observed my bright and eager students happily dive into topics ranging from arithmetic to art, and their capacity for learning and problem-solving is endlessly inspiring. The activity they are always most excited about is story time, and I love watching their imaginations drift away to unknown realms as they learn about different characters, places, and ideas. As someone with a background in science and a bachelor's degree in chemistry, I sincerely appreciate my students' inquisitive minds, and they are ultimately what inspired me to write Snorkkel Whalengton.