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  • SubGenre:Gambling / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:68
  • eBook ISBN:9781623095871

Slot Machine Junkie

How to Win at Slots Consistently

by John C. Steele

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Don’t know how to play casino games? Simply try your hand at the slot machines. The obvious idea of randomness and luck in slot games need not be an excuse for lame play. You can play your way without any strategy at all waiting for pure luck to favor you. You cannot control the results; however, you can control the degree of risk you are dealing with at any point in time. Some players make money during their very first visit, making many wish for that kind of luck. However, the winning never happens even after multiple visits for many players. With incredible varieties of slot games and features on board, “A few more dollars will not kill me.” is a common attitude. This attitude can gulp your money pretty fast. And, you can’t believe that it all really happened too soon. Though there is nothing called a true winning system that works all the time for slot games, a few gaming principles can surely leave you winning more than what you lose. Applying common sense during every stage of your play helps in two ways: • Your approach is directed in response to the immediate situational parameters • Every bet is directed towards practical fortunes Whether you are dealing with progressive slots, slot tourneys, or bonus games, if you actively use your brain for every bet you make, you should feel right with slots. While hoping for the biggest win for the last of your attempts, playing just a few nickels will never help you win big. If you have a big money goal, you need to have a plan that is good enough to fuel your dream. How do you plot a workable plan for a game that is too unpredictable? This book runs through those essential principles that you need to consider before making every bet, eventually leading you towards successful betting sessions. After you are done with “Slot Machine Junkie: How to Win at Slots Consistently” you will surely perfume every bet you make with absolute common sense.


Slot Machine Junkie: How to Win at Slots Consistently, covers betting concepts and spending habits that makes sense when you apply them in your betting sessions. The concepts covered in this book truly encourages you to apply your common sense in the decision making process that precedes slots betting. When you learn to apply common sense, you will feel confident regardless of whether you are dealing with an expected or unexpected situation. You can enjoy the roller coaster playing experience when you play with your own strategy, driven by free will and customized betting decisions, as opposed to feeling restricted with defense mechanisms, when you are applying someone else’s betting strategy. No matter how many betting systems you learn, how many betting plans you draft, sometimes it becomes impossible to control the results, and the only thing that can come for rescue is plain common sense, and of course, right application sense. Without common sense, you can clearly lose your head to uncertainty. Right application sense does not happen in a day, rather it improves everyday as you deal with new gaming situations. With so much of information available everywhere, it is not difficult to find tips, strategies, betting systems and rules everywhere. You can find a lot of ideas in blogs, articles, newsletters and all of them are being made available to you at breakneck speed and you are left with too much of information to be able to make a workable decision. You should develop the attitude to deal with just what you can practically handle, and wherever you can, as opposed to giving way to casino marketing tricks, where you force yourself to bet more than what you really are capable of handling. When you do things beyond your feasibility, you will not only lose money, but you will not enjoy the games either. Real slots’ spirit is about the gaming excitement. You do not want to get greedy, playing more than what you can morally afford to be doing. You need not commit yourself to debilitating situations where you engage in high risk betting, no matter how big the rewards are. You can simply decide to do what is truly comfortable for your play. When you learn to apply practical logics in gaming you will dare to walk away from several unworthy gaming situations. Saying “no” to specific opportunities in gaming is as well an important discipline in being a better player. The real challenge is not about gathering facts, it is about applying them in an appropriate way in the right gaming situation. When you apply your own common sense, while you make every bet, by considering your money goals, bet size, machine type, and other special features, you will realize that your strategies are getting to be better each time. Your personal strategies that are well thought will be as better as the best betting systems in the world. When you complete reading this book, you will understand your own ability to think through betting moments to eventually play a profitable betting session on your own. When you play your bets in terms of your own ability and experiences while taking consistent inspiration from gaming gurus, you will not only learn things correctly, but you will as well feel inspired in the right way to apply the right betting formula to deal with an entirely new betting situation. So, how do you apply your common sense, after you have decided to fight against the odds with a “So be it...” attitude. • How do you replace your expectations with plans? • How do you deal with different possibilities? • How do you avoid getting lost in positive and negative feelings? • How do you improve your coping and adaptive skills? • How do you focus on what you can control at every point in time? • What are the key factors you have to consider to improve your mindfulness while at play? This book provides you with essential info that will help you play your slots session like a pro. Enjoy every slots game and start winning!

About the author

The gambling strategies and systems you'll discover are so effective; that the gambling icon, John C. Steele, has been recognized by many casinos as the most dangerously knowledgeable gambler with the smarts to take down the house. He is a world class player and an acknowledged authority in the field of Gambling.