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  • SubGenre:E-Commerce / Online Trading
  • Language:English
  • Pages:268
  • eBook ISBN:9781607964193

Show Me Your Options!

The Guide to Complete Confidence for Every Stock and Options Trader Seeking Consistent, Predictable Returns

by Steve Burns and Christopher Ebert

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We wrote this book to give stock traders a stock option book that was neither so simple that it insulted their intelligence but at the same time not so complicated that it was beyond comprehension. We also wanted to make it a fun read as opposed to feeling like a boring college lecture. We believe we have accomplished these missions.
Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Options are not assets, they are bets. Chapter 2 Every option contract has a buyer and a seller; one is long, one is short, but which one has the best odds of winning? Chapter 3 Strong trends are the friend of an option buyer and the enemy of an option seller. Chapter 4 Time is an option seller’s friend, but the option buyer’s enemy. (theta) Chapter 5 volatility is the option buyer’s friend but the option seller’s enemy. (vega) Chapter 6 How much of the move do you get for the money? (delta) Chapter 7 Stocks for rent: covered calls Chapter 8 Selling lottery tickets: naked options Chapter 9 Buying lottery tickets: deep out-of-the-money options Chapter 10 Trends determine who wins: strangles and straddles Chapter 11 The twins: every position has a synthetic relative Chapter 12 Spreads: ratio, calendar, diagonal Chapter 13 The wind beneath the pro’s wings: butterflies and condors Chapter 14 Dealing with the behavioral problems of immature options Chapter 15 A trader’s choices: insurance, stop losses, or ruin Chapter 16 Your method, your rules, your edge Appendix A: Relative time value of options based on the time to expiration of the contract Appendix B: Odds and expected payout of selected option strategies Appendix C: The relationship between option premiums, deltas, standard deviations, and profit probabilities Appendix D: Time progression payout potential Appendix E: Expanded table of synthetic positions
About the author
Steve Burns has been an active trader for over 12 years. He is the author of "How I Made Money Using the Nicolas Darvas System," published by BN Publishing (available at all major Internet retailers). He ranks in the top 300 of all reviewers on Amazon.com. He is also one of the site's top reviewers for books about trading. He has been featured as a top Darvas System trader on DarvasTrader.com and interviewed on the Miss Trade YouTube channel. He has also been a contributor to ZenTrader.ca and Business Insider. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife, Marianne, and their five children: Nicole, Michael, Janna, Kelli, Joseph. He has one granddaughter, Alyssa. Steve Burns has not had a losing year actively trading in his main two accounts since 2002. From 2003-2007 he returned an average annual gain of 22.95% and went to a cash position on January 4th, 2008, keeping all of his bull market returns through the Great Financial Panic. His trading beat the S&P 500 for six straight years and had a cumulative 209.5% return over an eight-year period. His returns doubled the market returns, averaging 15.7% versus the S&P returning 7.8% from 2003-2010. The author trades accounts worth over a quarter of a million dollars.