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  • SubGenre:Comedy
  • Language:English
  • Series title:SET Breaking Down The Elements To Urban StandUp Comedy
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:135
  • eBook ISBN:9780988591806


Breaking Down The Elements To Urban StandUp Comedy The Opener

by Jimique "JP JUSTICE" Straker

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Know the secrets to URBAN standup comedy. Just like your favorite comics from some of today's hottest shows. Get a head start on stage by knowing the formula to writing a joke, stage etiquette and expanding your career in the field of comedy. SET – Breaking Down the Elements to Urban Standup Comedy takes a deeper look into this art form. It will show you step by step how to recognize, develop and understand where you want to go in this vast branch of entertainment. Jimique "JP JUSTICE" Straker brings his knowledge of over 20 years in stand up comedy to a three part book series "SET" and gives tips and secrets that can help anyone looking to start a comedy career to get an edge above the rest.
The 90's ushered in a new style of comedy, like nothing ever seen before. Millions tuned in to shows like The Uptown Comedy Club, BET's ComicView and the ever more popular Def Comedy Jam. We watched as comics of all ages took to stages and made us fall out with laughter awaking the comedian in us all as they told stories and jokes we can relate to. SET – Breaking Down the Elements to Urban Standup Comedy takes a deeper look into the mechanics of being an urban standup comedian. Showing the reader step by step how to recognize, develop and make it in the comedy business. It separates the art form from the business of comedy so that they can understand where they are and get a better understanding of where they want to go in this vast branch of entertainment. SET shows the reader what makes everything come together for a comedian. This book contains pointers that even some of today’s most successful comics in the industry have used. A comic has the ability to write, act and host which seems, to the eye of the people, seamless but is an intricate work of skills learned and executed by comics all over. Stand up comedy is an art that is growing more and more every day. Everyone from actors, to politicians and even publics speakers want to know some of the secrets that a comic has worked on for years. Being a comedian gives you the basis of a wide variety of skills. In this book it covers topics like Recognizing Strong Points; when you know your technique it can help you identify where your strengths are. Reading the Room will help you get to know the type of audience you are performing in front of. Set Structure and Turning Standup Into Your Career are a few more subjects that you can read about in this volume. When you master these type of skills and learn the essential ingredients you will be able to turn your talent into a profession you can be proud of. Imagine getting a careers’ worth of knowledge in a first of a three part book collection. SET is all you need in making that first step in launching your comedy career.
About the author
Jimique "JP JUSTICE" Straker is a veteran of Urban Stand-Up Comedy and has audiences laughing around the globe for over 20 years. Along with appearing on numerous comedy shows throughout his career Jimique has received several awards for his contribution to the comedy industry. The HBO's Comic Relief Appreciation Award & The AWE Staten Island Most Funniest Award. Over the span of his career he has traveled the world performing far and near and making audiences laugh with his brand of humor. He has performed for the troops on the USO Tours and has done several "Standup for Haiti" earthquake relief benefit shows. Jimique ran the Masters Comedy Workshop for over ten years at The Uptown Comedy Club, the first black owned comedy club in Harlem New York. He is sought out by comics from around the world for his comedy wisdom and one-on-one comedy coaching. Jimique has advised many of today's hottest comedians on the art form of standup comedy. "Comics have forgotten the basics in Urban Stand-Up Comedy, and that's why everyone is starting to sound the same. It's like comics are in a rush to make people laugh and won't take the time and learn how to write and nurture a good joke." Jimique says. Jimique posts to the social media circuit on a daily basis. He tells the blatant honest truth about the comedy industry. This type of honesty is what made him launched his own internet talk show called "Instigated Talk" where he is loved by many for laying the facts down about comedy. He keeps it real and doesn't hold any punches when asked questions about comedy. The demand for Jimique's knowledge of comedy is so wide spread he felt the only way he can reach the masses is by sharing it. Because of his experience, knowledge and teaching skill in the world of comedy Jimique thought it best to put this information in print. Anyone who has the desire to become a standup comedian can benefit from what he has to offer. Unable to put it all in one book he has created a three part series that will touch on just about every aspect of comedy. So on your mark - get SET.