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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Courses & Dishes / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:136
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350917178


From My Family Table to Yours

by Caroline Somers

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The long-awaited debut cookbook from passionate home chef, Caroline Somers, shares boldly flavored food representing her abundant California lifestyle and global travels, wrapped in the foundation of her Italian lineage. This is the food you crave. Now we know why her husband resoundingly says, "DAMN!" after every taste. SERVED contains over 50 recipes, each with captivating images that make you want to stick your finger through the page and have a taste. You will feel Caroline's zest reflected in each dish, plus enjoy detailed instructions to master her applauded creations for your own family.

It's sticky, sweet Thai chicken wings and fresh herbs peeking out of wrapped spring rolls. It's gooey grilled cheese dunked in creamy roasted tomato soup. It's crispy, shredded carnitas with a bright pop of mango salsa. It's lightly charred skirt steak with spicy peanut sauce. It's a torn hunk of grilled baguette smooshed in the garlicky broth of sweet, steamed cockles. It's a stracciatella cheese-pull enveloped in a cloud of sweet tomato sauce that will have you grinning like a kid. It's the palate dance after a bite of bok choy basking in creamy coconut curry with a blast of fresh lime. It's simmered Bolognese with a heritage that tastes centuries in the making. It's the crunch of a tableside Caesar with a zing of cracked pepper and a crouton that will make you cry. It's a slow braised short rib with a ridiculous pile of crispy fried ginger, chilies and herbs that will literally drop jaws. SERVED contains over 50 recipes, each with captivating images that make you want to stick your finger through the page and have a taste. You will feel Caroline's zest reflected in each dish, plus enjoy detailed instructions to master her applauded creations for your own family.

About the author
"Food is my love language. This is how I show affection. I cook. I host. I serve. Feeding you feeds me. I love the exchange. Taste is my currency." Caroline Somers is a home chef specializing in bountiful California cuisine with Italian roots. Her meals have become inspiration for thousands who praise her bold flavors, beautiful presentation, and casual entertaining style. This marks Caroline's first solo project as an author. She has been at the helm of Suzanne Somers' health and wellness brand for the last 30 years. Caroline and her mother-in-law have created over 600 recipes for Suzanne's phenomenally successful Somersize series, with 12 books, including three #1 New York Times bestsellers. Caroline and her husband, Bruce, have been married for 31 years. They live in the Hollywood Hill and have two daughters.

Book Reviews

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Deborah J
SERVED I love your Recipe Book "Served" Caroline! It is easy to follow. Can't wait for more Recipe Books to come out by you! Deborah Read more
The Wait is Over!!! So happy to have Caroline's first cookbook! Have watched many of her cooking posts along with Suzanne's cooking shows. Have made one recipe and look forward to trying many more! Beautiful book! Read more
COVER TO COVER AMAZING RECIPES!! Sweet Caroline, I've been watching you and your whole fam on facebook and Instagram for quite some time now; and when you and Suzanne would cook together, I'd say to myself "that awesome lady Caroline needs to come out with a cookbook of her own too!" And you did! An amazing cookbook filled with healthy, mouthwatering recipes! Beautiful pictures! I will try them all! Hoping you will cook each recipe on your channel! When all the fam chimes in on cooking time too, it is so much fun to watch! I hope and pray to see you, Suzanne and Alan in the kitchen again soon!! Beautiful cookbook Sweet Caroline, I'm very happy for you. You are an amazing cook... Read more
Served from my family table to yours #Served THANK you Caroline for sharing these delicious recipes. I have enjoyed watching your cooking posts these past years and was thrilled when the book was finished. I love that the recipes are detailed perfectly and that with each one you have included the most beautiful photos. It’s just a lovely book and I was so excited when I received it. I will cherish this book and it is my GO TO favourite one for my family meals. Thank you again and I am so looking forward to the next one. Trudy Cardinal from Montreal Quebec πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ₯° Read more
DAMN! It's great! I have been a fan of Caroline and her husband Bruce for many years, beginning with reading Suzanne Somers' books. I have absolutely loved how Caroline has cultivated her love for cooking and family, which for me, also goes hand in hand. I have watched many of Caroline's cooking demonstrations on Instagram and have made many of her recipes, all of which I make on "repeat" because they are that good! I know many of her fans were pushing her for a cookbook, so this seemed like a natural next step for her. I also love that Caroline connects so deeply to her Italian roots. I am also Italian and so absolutely LOVE all of her simple, decadent recipes. Let me say that the cookbook is not only filled with wonderful recipes, but is visually gorgeous. I believe Bruce took most of the photos.They showcase the beauty of the food and the finished product. I will also add that the first few pages of her introduction touched me deeply. This could have been written by me. Cooking for my family is also my love language. Sitting at the table for hours is how I grew up. Food was love in our family and it is clear Caroline feels the same. I also purchased this cookbook for a family member who is also enjoying it as well as really resonated with the introduction. Caroline, thank you for creating such a beautiful book and I look forward to many more cooking demonstrations. I love watching you cook for your family. Your daughters are beautiful, as are you. Your new little puppy is precious, and Bruce is awesome. You can see and feel the love you all have for one another. As Bruce would say: "DAMN", you won't be disappointed with this purchase! Read more
#served Caroline has always been an amazing cook, and now she is sharing her wonderful recipes with us. Caroline made it easy to follow and the pictures accompanying the recipes are pure works of art! As an added bonus, she shared stories of her beautiful family and life’s journey. Thank you for a wonderful book to cook like a real chef !! Nancy Read more