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Book details
  • SubGenre:Animals / General
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:19
  • eBook ISBN:9781617922145

Sassy Creek's Bunny Tales

Run Rabbit Run

by Jackie Lynnley

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“Sassy Creek’s Bunny Tales” is a fantasy story that will engross and capture the imagination of children of all ages. Battle hardened Warriors protect the outermost boundaries of the tribe, while Uncles guard and protect the inner sections of the group. The leader, Oldest One, is the keeper of times and laws; he is the Royal ruler and from him comes all knowledge. Mothers teach the little hoppers and continue to guide them after they have reached the youngster age. All rabbits must understand their position and responsibilities in life. Youngster females are taught from birth, to know their role and accept it. Most do, but, a few must “Run Rabbit Run.”
This story takes place near a farm known as Sassy Creek. The waters are well known to all inhabitants to flow abundantly down from mountain springs. The main characters are a rabbit tribe including Warrior Bucks, Uncles, guards, mothers, youngsters and little hoppers. Over them all is Oldest One with knowledge of each of the others and is the final decision maker with tribal rule. You will get to know these different ones individually and find they are much like the animal called man. They go from child to adult with much of the same concerns for their families. Survival and love of life and each other lead both groups; besides the many other animals that make up the community of acres and acres of ones who may or may not meet in their life time.
About the author
Jackie Lynnley writes with passion on whatever subject is in her heart. This fantasy story was simply a practice until the characters became so real to her and all who read it; there was no choice but to share it, and she certainly could never give them up as if they had never been! Yes, this is fiction but the characters become unforgettable. All who read her works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction say they feel pulled in to become a part of the story. Legends and lore, along with family and love, are of great inspiration to her creativity. She was greatly influenced by the story telling abilities of her mother, and, she carries on the fine tradition with style and grace. Owning and running book stores for many years, she became familiar with many of the works of various authors. This familiarity made for stimulating conversation with her customers, who had much to give of their own knowledge and interest. Perhaps this is the reason she is able to touch the hearts of males, females, the young, and the old. It shows in her writing.