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  • SubGenre:Professional Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:167
  • eBook ISBN:9781620952047

Sales For The Living

A Book On Sales With A Christian Influence

by Bill Hunter and Sue Hunter

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This provides the tools to selling in a professional way. many people characterize salespeople in an abrasive way. But the professional salesperson is a helper to facillitate a transaction. The receiver is a customer well served. We trust in our Lord to help us use our talents and hopefully, we will be seen in a more professional way.
The hope of Sue's and my writing this book is first, it is Christ Centered. And since no one is perfect, I'm sure we missed the mark in many regards. But, it is a good, down- home guide for those of you who want to be a productive salesperson while keeping a good conscience to sleep by. You'll get some valuable tools here and some stories from experience-the great teacher.Since our high schools, colleges and graduate programs do not offer sales as a subject (and I've tried to get it into curriculums without success), you, the person out there in the cold, will have to learn your trade by trial and error-and there will be plenty of both if you pursue this field as a life-sustaining profession. Look at it this way-if you buy this book, you will, at the least, have a leg up on your fellow sojourners who want to sell but who just don't know where to start. That's when you can help them and even advise them to get the book themselves online. May we have your order and hopefully, your referrals to others? What Sue and I have tried to do is "round" you well-with Faith as a foundation, Honesty as a trademark that you're known by and the resulting Joy of living a working, vibrant life. It will pay dividends in more than money. You'll just have to see for yourself as you progress in this exciting arena called life! The authors are not ashamed of their praise of God , Jesus and The Holy Spirit, the Three in One Triune called on daily in our job, in our home life and in this book. Through eight gripping chapters, one learns the value of peace while doing a work regimen that will bring reward. Hey, this thing called selling can be fun! It's not complicated. It's not threatening. It's just communicating with other people like you and me. And the more selling you do, the more fun you'll have! So, go ahead and get all those no's out of the way and get to that sweet word called ..."Yes" !!! We wish you well and we'll pray for your good sales, Bill and Sue Hunter
About the author
Bill has worked in a gamut of selling jobs from early childhood collecting dimes for The March of Dimes to working at Natural Bridge, Va. selling tickets to Xerox Corporation and Dean Witter (brokerage) account representative to an independent wholesaler. Sue is a teacher in Special Education. They have been married 43 years. Bill spent time in the United States Army receiving a Bronze star out of Viet Nam and collecting his second Letter of Commendation for his service. He is presently on two Boards; The Boys' home in Covington,va. and Camp Virginia Jaycees. bill serves as head of his Benevolence committee at his church. Sue is a former deacon and works on a leadership team at their church.