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  • SubGenre:Consumer Behavior
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483545165

Rogue Elephant

Death By Tradition

by P. Fitzgerald McKenzie

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Did Kodak Chairman and CEO Antonio Perez make the appropriate decisions around leadership roles at Kodak? How detrimental was the internal disorder and unscrupulous behavior exhibited by management? Did Kodak react to the consumer's transition to digital photography in a timely manner? What impact did the recession have on Kodak? Was it ultimately Antonio Perez’s struggles to carry on the traditional film business, beyond its glorious pinnacle, and his focus on digital printers, the true reason for the ruin of Kodak? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in the one book on the market that provides an actual account of what really happened at the once robust Kodak. Rogue Elephant, Death by Tradition, is the Kodak truth. 


This is an inside chronicle by a former Kodak Purchasing Manager of why Kodak failed. With words direct from Antonio Perez, learn how he tried so desperately to save the iconic company amidst a down economy, corporate chaos, and misguided focus. Rogue Elephant, Death by Tradition, is the Kodak truth.

About the author

P. Fitzgerald McKenzie, former Kodak Purchasing Manager and Chairman, Diversity and Inclusion (Kodak Gallery)

While employed as a Manager at Kodak, Mr. McKenzie worked on high-profile projects for Martha Stewart, Best Buy, Apple, Inc. and Adobe.  He has been called an innovator and an agent for continuous improvement.  He brought in marketing initiatives that would not only help the company capture new customers but also convert existing customers into buyers of higher margin products.     

As Eastman Kodak’s traditional film business went into rapid decline, the company looked to the digital imaging unit to ensure the company’s success.  Mr. McKenzie worked in the digital imaging unit, widely known as Kodak Gallery, and developed and oversaw partner relationships to support their domestic and international customer base.    

Mr. McKenzie introduced the “Obama Gallery” concept to Kodak Gallery.  The Obama Gallery (named for President Barack Obama) would fundamentally establish a stand-alone subsidiary of Kodak to produce a full range of Obama fulfillment items that mirrored that of Kodak Gallery.

He was also the architect of ground-breaking engagements bringing together Kodak and Code Black Entertainment.  CODEBLACK ENTERTAINMENT is the preeminent independent distributor of urban themed content.

In 2008, Mr. McKenzie was approached by the Director of Manufacturing Operations at Kodak and advised of the impending closure of the company’s remaining domestic and international fulfillment sites.  In addition to the closures, he was also told that the business unit needed to save 8 million dollars in 2009.  Mr. McKenzie responded with a detailed proposal that would modify the existing business model to a leaner more efficient operation.  The plan would no longer rely on the once robust distributed fulfillment network but instead increase in-house processes while maintaining the customer experience. 

Mr. McKenzie’s contributions have always been recognized by the organizations he has worked for.  He has received division awards, vacations and golf at Pebble Beach to name a few.  Over his career, Mr. McKenzie also earned numerous certifications in supplier management, procurement and negotiations.     

One of Mr. McKenzie’s prouder moments at Kodak was when he introduced the newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Committee to Antonio Perez and his Sr. executive team during a presentation.  After the presentation, Mr. McKenzie and Antonio posed for the cover photo of Rogue Elephant, Death By Tradition, which was taken by Philip J. Faraci, former President/ COO of Eastman Kodak.