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  • Genre:TRAVEL
  • SubGenre:Food, Lodging & Transportation / Road Travel
  • Language:English
  • Pages:168
  • Paperback ISBN:9781733280204

Road Warrior Bible

Living a Life Worth Living on the Road

by Todd Davis

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This volume contains a wealth of knowledge on how to deal with a wide range of business travel problems that may occur. A set of guidelines and checklists are provided to avoid travel problems and how to get the most of travel for work, family and yourself -- the business traveler. Detailed suggestions are provided on responding to such issues as air traffic delays, saving money on travel, work around canceled or delayed flights, managing travel expenses, and the more complicated international business travel. Topics on travel health and safety are also provided. Information on how to plan, manage and follow-through with business travel opportunities, and how to use a wealth of travel apps and services. Effective ways to work with travel service personnel at airlines, hotels and corporate travel departments are also provided. This book is a must-read for both beginning business travelers as well as the most seasoned and experienced. Additional information can be found on www.rwbible.com.
This book was written to help bridge the gap between the seasoned Road Warrior and the beginning business traveler. The author has spent almost his entire life traveling in the pursuit of economic opportunity, leisure travel with friends and family. He has traveled to every U.S. state, lived in Europe and the Middle East, worked on location in Central Asia and the Silk Route, and traveled multiple times to Australia. Flights have included up to 25-hour door-to-door flights from the East Coast of the U.S. to Sydney, Australia, arriving at 6:30AM, and then going straight to work. He also recently flew around the world and spent the new Years in Bangcock and Rio de Janeiro. He has experienced every travel problem you can imagine. He and his family lived in Denmark for three years. He also recently completed a two-year project in the United Arab Emirates that included time in Saudi Arabia. When you spend so many years on the road, winning business, managing projects, plus carving out personal time with family, you build Road Warrior experience. Not only responding to what can go wrong on domestic and international travel, but you also learn how to adapt and solve the litany of travel glitches that occur. When you live on the road, you also need to discover a life worth living. There is an unbelievable amount of adventure out there when doing business travel. There are also many risks. The key is to develop travel-savvy habits that benefit you, who you work for and your family. From extensive international travel, you will grow professionally, personally, and your family can also gain in some of the benefits of what other destinations hold. It is a great gift to include your family to see major historical sights and attractions. There are challenges to overcome, rules to live by, but great rewards if you work at managing your business travel style. Road Warrior business travel is something we can all share in. To share the ongoing information exchange with business travelers, go to www.RWBible.com and join a community of world travelers who make a living on the road, have problems and experiences to share, and who can open the door to huge opportunities for travel learning, economic growth and entertainment. My advice is to be travel-wise, proactive in your planning and management, and this will lead to an experience you will never forget.
About the author
TODD DAVIS has traveled well over 40 years in planes, trains, and automobiles in every continent around the world. He has lived in Copenhagen Denmark for three years and in the United Arab Republic for two years. His travels have taken him to London, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Seoul, Casablanca, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, to name a few. He has traveled portions of the Silk Route, was in New York City during 9/11, in Kiev, Ukraine when the Berlin Wall came down, and in Dushanbe, Tajikistan during a civil war. He is a survivor on the road and also knows how to have a good time traveling. He has also faced almost every travel problem you can imagine except death. He loves hard work, intensive travel and visiting pubs and places where there is dancing. The information in this book can help you balance work, family and live the life of a successful Road Warrior.