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  • Genre:ART
  • SubGenre:Graffiti & Street Art
  • Language:English
  • Pages:380
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098374440


by Michael Barone

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"In an alternate universe, in another reality, a cultural revolution was started by something small, an object no larger than a peach." These are the historic opening lines of M.J. Barone's instant modern classic, 'Rhythmtopia.' The novel centers around the illustrious Galaxy Diamond, an object surrounded in mystery. Three generations later, Atom Icarion must figure out what happened to his family's legacy and The Galaxy Diamond. A quest surely fraught with peril inside the iconic Rhythmtopia Universe, which is filled with artists, murdering women, hallucinations, dreams, drugs and aliens?


An archeologist named Dr. Marjorie Icrion accidently finds a priceless crystal known as The Galaxy Diamond. It's priceless natures captures the attention of the world which subsequently leads to her disappearance as well as the crystal. Three generations later, her Grandson Atom Icarion will finish what his relatives could not in the hopes of restoring his family's legacy. Atom will enlist the help of a Master, an esteemed artist named Alec Black as well as a drug-dealing shaman and an undercover secret agent. These four men's path's will collide head on with the underground traveling festival known as Rhythmtopia. Art's best kept secret will now be revealed in this epic tale of grand adventure and cosmic proportions!

About the author

M.J. Barone is an avid writer, traveler and all around music lover. Born and raised in a suburb north of Detroit Michigan where he resides when the weather permits. He graduated from The University of Central Michigan with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and Journalism. 'Rhythmtopia' is his first officially published novel. He hopes his work helps enlighten people to the possibilities of imagination.