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Book details
  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:Dogs / Breeds
  • Language:English
  • Pages:264
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098366681

Rescuing Used Coonhounds

by Ann M. Jayne

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"Rescuing Used Coonhounds" chronicles the story of Casey, an abandoned, starving Treeing Walker Coonhound and how he "hit the doggy lottery" when he was rescued. Through his subsequent journey, his former life and sad plight alerted his new mom, Ann M. Jayne, about the numerous coonhounds throughout the United States that are abused, neglected, and tossed aside every year. Many are rescued, many are not. Learning about these dogs and how you can help them is the reason this book was written and published. Knowledge is powerful. So is love. This book will teach you about these amazing dogs and the love they have to give. "Rescuing Used Coonhounds" will tell you how you can help them and how they will help you!
Every year, throughout the United States, thousands of coonhounds are abused, abandoned or killed. Although there are countless other dogs who are thrown away as well, coonhounds seem to almost be the poster child for the depths of cruelty that some humans can descend to. "Rescuing Used Coonhounds" exposes that. It also exposes just how wonderful, loving, smart, resilient and useful coonhounds are, even if they are tossed aside like a piece of garbage. No one or no living thing is beyond saving. "Rescuing Used Coonhounds" briefly chronicles the numerous pets owned by Ann M. Jayne, establishing her incredible love for dogs. While everyone considers that each one of their pets is special (and they are not wrong at all), Ann turned a corner with one particular dog, a Treeing Walker Coonhound she rescued and named Casey, whom God placed in her life at just the right moment. While not meaning to, she began a journey of learning about and loving the wonderful breed of Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Through "Rescuing Used Coonhounds," Ann hopes to became a voice of sorts for these dogs, as well as other breeds of coonhounds, alerting people to the horrors many of these dogs face. The amount of abuse that these dogs undergo, and the amount of love and loyalty they possess, retain, and give, is simply astounding. Although the book is mainly about the Ann's own rescued coonhounds, it discusses and outlines ways to help these dogs, as well as other dogs and animals, through chapters devoted to a small animal rescue, state regulations on animal cruelty, and what the average, everyday American can do to help protect and rescue the lost and abandoned dogs that are willing to serve us and love us unconditionally.
About the author
Ann M. Jayne wears many hats, even though she really doesn't like to wear hats. When she is not writing (she is currently working on her fifth book), Ann is a yoga teacher and free-lance photographer/writer, in addition to being a wife, mom, Christian, and lover of animals. While dogs and horses are her passion, Ann also enjoys watching and feeding the many whitetail deer at her house. Her schedule allows her time to work with the Animal Rescue League of Okemah to save abandoned and abused dogs and cats. Spending time with her family, including her horse, beagle, and rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, as well as traveling the world, are Ann's favorite things to do. Although Ann never planned on becoming an active dog rescuer, a stray coonhound named Casey changed things for her as well as her perspective. So much so that she knew that she needed to write down Casey's story and tell it to as many people as possible so they could read about it and learn from it. Rescuing and writing have become her mission and ministry and are things she plans to do for a long, long time. Ann doesn't plan on changing the world, but she does plan on changing the world for neglected and abused animals, as she did for Casey and Bowie, and hopefully countless others.