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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Military / World War II
  • Language:English
  • Duration:5 Hours 59 Minutes
  • Audiobook ISBN:9798350951660

Remembering A Time of Great Purpose

by Wendy D. Poole

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Wendy Poole's "Remembering A Time of Great Purpose" skillfully meshes her many hours of research about actual historic events and timelines with stories about her family members and others who lived and fought through World War II. Additional characters were created to provide a fuller depiction about the men and women on both sides who lived, fought and died along the Canadian Easten coastline, Great Britain, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Black Pit area, the Murmansk Run and North Africa, Sicily, and Italy during World War Two.


"Remembering A Time of Great Purpose" is a historical memoir that skillfully meshes actual historic events and timelines with the recollections that Dee, the narrator, remembers from her friend and family over the years. Dee is June and Stan's daughter. She remembers her mother's stories about growing up in Toronto and Napanee during the twenties and thirties, and her stories about being a member of the Women's Royal Canadian Navy stationed in Greenock, Scotland during World War Two. She also remembers her friend Ilse's story. Ilse was born in Germany in the same year as Dee's mother and lived in the Berlin area before and during World War II. Dee remembers Ilse speaking about growing up in Germany as they looked through her photograph and postcard albums; albums that reflected the Nazi's rising influence over Germany. Dee's father, Stan, occasionally talked about his war experiences. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and was initially stationed in Great Britain, then deployed to North Africa in 1943 and Italy in 1944. Dee remembers him speaking about North Africa's' Ghibli's; sandstorms with winds that were so strong it felt like you were breathing in more sand than air. The planes and transport were outdoors. They'd be covered in it. The sand would get in the engines. Made things challenging at times. Her dad also mentioned that planes returning from Sicilian bombing missions would sometimes flip over upon landing, the fuel tank would explode, killing all of the crew members. Dee's Uncle Walt enlisted with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, also known as the HastyPs. From 1943-1945 he fought in Sicily and Italy, as well as the Netherlands. Walt and his men, as part of the 1st Brigade, were part of the Sicilian invasion. Dees' cousins told her that by early December,1943, he was in Italy, fighting in a place called San Donato, which was south of Ortona. By the end of January, 1944, Walt and his men were part of the attacks across the Arielli plain; and by the end of May, they were on the western side of Italy, heading towards the Hitler Line, hoping to force the retreating Germans north. Other family members shared their memories about convoys moving along the Eastern coast of Canada during the war. That the convoys' ships and escorts, who had left Halifax, were now under Unterseeboot attack. That led to Dee's further research on convoys criss-crossing the North Atlantic, as well as The Black Pit and finally the Murmansk Run. Remembering A Time of Great Purpose is a series of stories about those who lived between World War One and World War Two. Elements of their individual stories are true and provide actual dates, places, and events to Remembering's timeline. The additional characters and their stories were created because they provide a fuller portrayal about those on both sides who lived, fought, survived and died on the Homefront as well as who participated and survived the sea, air, land battles on the frontlines during World War Two.

About the author

Wendy Poole is a retired educator who worked in Early Childhood Education in both staff and management roles for several years. She was honored to be a faculty member at Seneca College. A writer at heart and occasionally on paper, Wendy accepted a series of contract positions that involved creating, writing, and piloting family programs for various community agencies. Wendy has been published several times in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. In 2021, she published a series of articles and a short story on her mother's Alzheimer's journey. Wendy is currently working on her second novel as well as another children's book.