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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667836140


A Testimonial

by Marie Friend

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Author's personal experiences as she delves into all the psychological reasons for incarnating. She shares with you her first encounter with this subject via Edgar Cayce's A.R.E ( Area of Research and Enlightenment ) clinic during the 1970's - to her meeting ten years later with Shirley Maclaine. For 25 years, Marie Friend gave seminars - personal psychic readings and TV guest appearances to discuss reincarnation's many facets. Now she is sharing her personal encounters with people like you who want to expand their metaphysical knowledge.
Reincarnation. A Testimonial, begins with the paranormal events that led to the writing of her book. Rather than writing an Acknowledgment - she calls it How It Began. The first chapter is in the form of a personal letter to the reader. It gives an overview of her subject and explains why she feels qualified to share her paranormal experiences ;emphasizing that she's a person who needs validation of anything paranormal and expects nothing less for her reader. The following chapters go into detail regarding pre-cognitive dreams and how she first came into contact with the subject of reincarnation. She calls each learning experience a special door that the reader has the key to open and explore that which is beyond the boundaries of our known world. Following the reading of Shirley MacLaine's book Out On A Limb, I impulsively wrote to her and received a personal reply. This event led her to attend a Seminar that Shirley MacLaine held during the 1980's . Each chapter after this covers her life-long experiences with the paranormal including validations received of reincarnation's existence and why it happens. The book covers - alien encounters - ghostly appearances and the future of man kind as she 'sees' the world as it will appear in the 23rd century It ends with a validation that children now being born are old-souls and have volunteered, to help clean up the mess that we've made of our world. It ends with an inviation to the reader to seek other books or events that will further their enlightenment.,
About the author
Born and raised in Great Britain and now living in Oregon. Maternal ancestry is from the Welsh Romany gypsies and raised in a family that had paranormal beliefs. Had pre-cognitive dreams all my life and thought this was "normal" for everyone. For 25 years gave seminars and past-life psychic phenomena readings at various venues in western states of CA - AZ - OR - WA and CO. Appeared several times as a guest on TV ( ABC) in the Pacific Northwest