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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9798350940466
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350940459

Rational Answers to Stupid Questions

Debunking Flat Earthers, Evolution Deniers, Creationists, and More

by Eric Peterson

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Rational Answers to Stupid Questions is a book that takes approximately one hundred of the most common arguments used against mainstream science and debunks them all. The subjects in the book include evolution, astronomy, physics, geology, geography, biology, genetics, and more.
"Rational Answers to Stupid Questions" is an expansive and meticulously researched book that addresses and dissects around one hundred of the most prevalent and persistent arguments that challenge and often contradict mainstream scientific understanding. This book is a comprehensive journey through various fields of science, systematically debunking misconceptions and unfounded claims that frequently surface in public discourse and media. The book is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different scientific discipline, ensuring a well-rounded and thorough exploration of each subject. The sections include evolution, where the author delves into the common misconceptions about Darwinian theory and the evidence supporting it. Additionally, the author addresses misunderstandings in various biological concepts, including DNA, heredity, and the role of genetics. Next is the Big Bang, where popular astronomical myths and misunderstandings about our universe are clarified; and physics, where fundamental principles and theories are defended against common misinterpretations and oversimplification. The book also covers the field of science in general, and addresses some misunderstandings about how science works. In the realm of young Earth creationism, the book tackles misconceptions about the age and formation of the Earth, plate tectonics, and geographical phenomena. In the flat Earth section, the author debunks the insane idea that Earth is not a globe. What sets "Rational Answers to Stupid Questions" apart is its commitment to not only correcting misinformation but also explaining the scientific principles and evidence behind the correct answers. The book is written in an accessible and engaging style, making it suitable for a wide audience, including those without a scientific background. It aims to foster critical thinking and scientific literacy, providing readers with the tools to critically evaluate claims they encounter in everyday life
About the author
Eric Peterson is a high school science teacher and content creator from California. He is best known for talking to flat Earthers, evolution deniers, and other science deniers online.