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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Spiritual Warfare
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781638772484
  • Paperback ISBN:9781638772477

Pummel the Devil

A Biblical Foundation for Spiritual Warfare

by Daniel Duval

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Unveil the unseen world of spiritual warfare in 'Pummel the Devil.' Explore the power of Jesus Christ to overcome conflicts and usher in a radical shift.
Step into the realm of 'Pummel the Devil,' where the boundaries of our three-dimensional reality expand to reveal an intricate tapestry of unseen influences and conflict. In this enlightening exploration, the essence of spiritual warfare is unveiled, a reality every individual on this planet encounters, whether aware or not. As Christians, we serve a God above all gods, yet many who profess faith in Jesus Christ struggle to manifest this divine authority in their lives. Questions arise - why doesn't a simple prayer yield instant healing, provision, or breakthrough? Why does suffering persist, even for those who stand strong in faith? How can we navigate the relentless attacks of the devil and his forces? If the cross resolved everything, why does conflict endure? 'Pummel the Devil' is your crash course into wielding the power of Jesus Christ against spiritual adversaries. Discover how to shift your reality through radical transformation and align with the authority bestowed upon believers.
About the author
Daniel Duval, an ordained apostle and visionary leader, shines as the founder and president of Bride Ministries International. With a profound impact, he has established the Bride Ministries Institute and the Bride Ministries School of Inner Healing and Deliverance. An esteemed author and fervent prayer warrior, Daniel is the dynamic host of the acclaimed podcast 'Discovering Truth with Dan Duval.' With an international presence, Daniel's influence extends across the globe. He empowers individuals with cutting-edge techniques for ministering to survivors of satanic ritual abuse and government-sponsored mind control. His commitment to unveiling truth and igniting transformation is palpable in his teachings and ministry. Residing in Katy, Texas, Daniel Duval's legacy of empowerment and spiritual awakening continues to touch lives, guiding others on their journeys toward liberation and abundant life.