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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Spiritual
  • Language:English
  • Pages:230
  • eBook ISBN:9781667898599
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667898582

Psalms of the Lost Sheep

by Antonio Ribaya Sr.

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"The Psalm of the Lost Sheep" is a testimony of an inner-city kid from Southwest Baltimore who was looking for all the right things in all the wrong places. He grew up to be a man who had to face all his innermost fears - drug addiction, enlisting, divorce, homelessness, incarceration – on his path to find purpose. His story is one of faith and redemption.
The Psalm of the Lost Sheep... is a testimony of an inner city American kid (South West Baltimore) who was always looking for all the right things, in absolutely all the wrong places. Who grew up into a man, that had to eventually face all of his innermost fears. (Drug addiction, military , divorce, homelessness, incarceration) etc. However, this book does not end in misery, it is a book of faith tested & redemption. Of a man who found God, and spirituality, and by the grace of God, I am able to share my experiences, my faith, my strengths and my hopes with the world today. Within these pages, I share honest accounts of my life, both good & bad, and the countless resolutions needed, just to find my daily reprieves. It was only by finding true revelations within, that I was able to find true purpose in life. Hence, your not alone, and to God be the Glory. I pray this book serves you well. America loves a good comeback story.
About the author
I am a 46-year-old recovering addict. I have experienced many of the horrors, that lay behind the life of an using addict. A lot of my NEVERS came to fruition. For example, numerous incarcerations, years & years of homelessness, numerous psych-ward stays, suicidal tendencies, and a few suicide attempts. I have experienced being exiled by family and friends, and/or more than a couple extreme spiritual deaths. These last past 5 years or so in recovery, I have developed a habit of writing. This habit of writing, was displayed daily on different social media web-sites, and I always got a ton of positive feedback, from those who would come across and/or from those who would read my material. This feedback felt good, the remarks of people that I never ever even met, would inspire me to keep writing. They would respond to me in ways such as "I don't really know you, or you know me, but I just wanted to tell you that all your inspirational post, they help me". I received many of these remarks of gratitude, and/or appreciation, from many people from many places around the world. I just wrapped up my English 101 spring semester yesterday. (May 12th 2022) My plan is to finish up this book, and to eventually start another "Heart Based Book". To know more about the author, which is me in this case, is to know how much compassion I have for those, whom are still lost within the grips of active addiction. To know more about me, is to know more about, what I have persevered through, and why I am so driven to reach back into the fire to help save others. To know more about me, is to know about a man that has found understanding, and who seeks to freely share this understanding with others. I challenge, and/or invite you, to read all about me, to examine me, to understand me, to love me, to forgive me, to pray for me, to grow with me, and to learn from me if possible? It is through my writings that I wish to communicate with the world, and on a higher platform. It is through writings left behind by other civilizations, that we learn about the past. Through writings, communication, honesty and testimony, that allows us to teach and/or to learn from one another. Within these pages, you will find my testimony, my experiences, my trials, my adversities, my strengths, corrections, and my hopes. I am a recovering addict, whom found healing from many of my mental ailments, in honest reflections of my past, then by courageously confronting that past in truth. I can only hope, that I have written them in a way, that others can relate to, and if so, I hope that they serve you well.