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  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:75
  • eBook ISBN:9781623090036

Prose, Poems, Rants and Raves

A Round Trip Ticket to Infinities Wall

by Victor S. Uriz II

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This series of prose, poems, rants and raves will challenge your version of reality, as well as the confines of infinity. We are all trapped within the realm of three dimensions and limited by our five senses. It is only our imagination that can take us further than the superficial and set us free. Buy your round trip ticked to infinities wall and go on a journey that will take you beyond the ordinary, the obvious and into the regions of the unexpected and the unexplained, as this is the duty of art. The sole purpose of these enclosed writings is to make the reader say “Hum, what the hell?” and then scratch their head and read the piece a second time. And, if I’m successful in my endeavor to confound the reader, then after reading the final line in the book they should be somehow changed or at best psychologically rattled. Those who choose to engage in reading these writings may be left smiling, angered, confused, frustrated, enlightened or dumbfounded, but those exposed should feel mentally roughed up and emotionally stripped searched. Art is not passive, it is like war or making love, it requires a personal involvement in the process that ultimaltey affects the collaborative outcome.
This book project is lovingly dedicated to God, my parents, my sisters, my children, friends, relatives and all others who are related to me by blood or by soul. To my futile bouts with austerity and my fool hearted commitment to excesses. To the friends who have faithfully seen me through and the ass-holes I’ve endured. To all the god-awful choices I indulged and all the sleepless nights I laid awake fretting over jobs I hated and people I have now long forgotten. To the money I’ve squandered and the opportunities I pissed away and the women I mistakenly loved. To the time I let slip through my tight fisted fingers and all the dark horses I’ve bet on.  To the times I should of known better but did it anyways and the times I did know better and still did it anyways. To those long silent stares into the mirror. To the smiles I faked and the monumental energy I invested in pretending. To the secrets I couldn’t keep and the sins I failed to resist. To all the circles I ran myself around, only to end up face to face with myself again.  To the fucked up things that have happened to people I love. To the promises I broke and the ones I should’ve never made. To the catastrophic things I imagined and sweated over only to have them never materialized. To my serial hapless dreams I stubbornly clung too, to the truths I’ve compromised and the lies I  believed, to the farewells I masterminded and the beginnings I procrastinated away, and lastly but most importantly to the time I dedicated to writing down the words in this book that crossed my otherwise troubled mind.
About the author
Victor lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He is also a musician who has composed several music projects including one music/spoken word album (available at cdbaby.com). He has completed a novel entitled “Poets, Pariahs and Black Dogs”. He enjoys nature and spends much of his time hiking, skiing, kayaking and taking photographs and playing horrible golf (but still loving it). Writing, playing music and exploring life and nature is what consumes his time.