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  • SubGenre:Teacher & Student Mentoring
  • Language:English
  • Pages:146
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350921373

Principles & Theory Of Sports Management

by Dr. William Super Byrd

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The Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course textbook. This textbook is designed for student-athletes and academic students enrolled in the Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course. The objective of the Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course is to prepare student-athletes and academic students interested in sports administration and pursuing a career in sports management as franchise sports general manager, athletic director, sports scout, and sports player representative.
The strategy to successfully complete the Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course requires the learner to provide a basic understanding of sports management that includes accounting, taxes, sports athletes' contracts, retirement income, sports agency, and sports labor unions. 1. Discuss the hierarchy structure of a sports franchise that includes general manager, director of player personnel, scouts, and sports player representatives. 2. Discuss the knowledge of sports team management, sports commissioners, sports labor unions, sports athletes' pensions, sports attorneys, and sports contracts. 3.Discuss the psychological effects of athlete's injury and rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain management, athletes' suicide, and athletes' CTE. 4. Explain the importance of sports broadcasting, television broadcasting, social media, and sports sponsorships to the operation of the sports franchise. The following course academic outcomes are designed for student-athletes enrolled in the Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course. The course involves sports methodologies and sports management philosophies intended for scholarship student-athletes. 1. Improved educational performances of student-athletes and fulfill the NCAA 2.3 academic requirements. 2. Improved student-athletes graduation rates and reduced college dropout rates of student-athletes. The Principles & Theory Of Sports Management course involves student-centered learning modules, power-point presentations, and zoom meetings. The course will improve student-athletes: 1. Critical thinking 2. Problem-solving skills 3. Psychological coping skills 4. Case study methodology 5. Research writing skills Learning Activities: The student-athletes are responsible for their own academic development and learning experience. The leaner will be expected to develop consistent written and oral communication and collaboration with the course instructor via email or zoom meetings predicated on respect and academic integrity. The learner must take the initiative and become motivated to effectively utilize the university resources to elevate their learning experience within the course to achieve academic success. Please read the course rubrics, policies, and learner expectations to maximize course expectations and academic integrity. The learner will uphold university standards, course policies, and consistently maintain academic integrity.
About the author
Dr. William "Super" Byrd is a native of Newark, N.J. where he graduated from Weequahic High School. Dr. William "Super" Byrd is the author of the Principles & Theory Of Sports Management. Dr. William "Super" Byrd has received Doctoral EDD Degree In Adult Education, Specializing In Sports Education, graduating Magna Cum Laude (3.75) from Capella University, March 3, 2022, Master Of Science (MBS) in Human Resource Management graduating Magna Cum Laude (3.75) from Strayer University, June 18, 2018, and a B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Clark Atlanta University. Dr. William "Super" Byrd (Financial Coach) has Seven Professional Licenses: Georgia Associate Broker's License, Georgia Real Estate License, Georgia Insurance License, Georgia Property & Casualty License, FINRA Security Investment Series 6 & 63 and Variable Annuity License. Dr. William "Super" Byrd (Financial Coach) is an Associate Broker (Maximum One Realty). Dr. William "Super" Byrd has written a sports education book to teach professional sports athletes how retire "debt free and financially independent" entitled Sports Athletes Avoid Millionaires 2 Bankruptcy Economic Trap in 2016 and a financial book about basic real estate concepts entitled ABC's Of Real Estate, both books were featured in the 2019 National Black Arts Festival, Houston, Texas.