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  • Genre:STUDY AIDS
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  • Language:English
  • Pages:202
  • eBook ISBN:9781624881732

Princess Trilogy Study Guide

by Jon Gregson Crawford and Jean Sasson

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The only study guide of the three PRINCESS books authorized by the writer JEAN SASSON. This study guide includes an interview with Jean Sasson and with Princess Sultana Al-Saud Princess Triology Study Guide: Book I: PRINCESS: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Book II: Princess Sultana's Daughters Book III: Princess Sultana's Circle
This is a three-part complete study guide for the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author Jean Sasson’s Princess Trilogy, which includes one three-part guide on her most internationally acclaimed books: Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia, Princess Sultana’s Daughters, and Princess Sultana’s Circle. The study guides for all three books were extensively researched and written by Jon Gregson Crawford. Whether you’re a student, a member of a book club, someone traveling abroad to Saudi Arabia for the first time or perhaps a reader that has enjoyed the Princess Trilogy you will find a wealth of useful information. This three-part study guide is the only study guide for the Princess Trilogy that was approved by the author, Jean Sasson. Jean was meticulous in working with Jon to make certain that every single detail of the guide afforded her readers enough information so that it would truly encompass all three books. Reading the three-part study guide is like receiving an abridged course of the Princess books, by the person that can provide the best possible lesson, the author herself. It’s important to note that each of the books in the study guide includes an all-new interview with Jean Sasson and the study guide for Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia even includes a revealing interview with Princess Sultana (her first interview in eight years). For each specific book in the series, the study guide includes an in-depth book summary, character descriptions, chapter summaries (which includes detailed analyses of each chapter of each of the three books with specific quotes from the original text throughout the summaries), and study and discussion questions that will be prudent for everyone that plans to use the Princess Trilogy as an educational tool. Also included is a section with information about Saudi culture. Princess is the universal true story about a member of Saudi royalty, who, over the course of three books tells her personal life story, as well as the stories of her family and other people she has come into contact with throughout her life. Jean Sasson met and befriended Princess Sultana when she lived in Saudi Arabia for more than twelve years. The author was the first author and the only author to be granted such unprecedented access to a Saudi princess’s life. Jean Sasson’s books have been published worldwide, achieving bestseller status in nearly every country where it was published. The books about Princess Sultana have remained timeless because so little of Saudi culture has changed when it comes to the lives of Saudi women. All three books have been updated, and this information will be available in the new editions of the books, to be published in October 2012 and March 2013. It’s exciting that twenty years after its initial publication, there is an entirely new generation of readers who are enthusiastically embracing the books about Princess Sultana Al-Saud.
About the author
Jon Gregson Crawford is a freelance writer from the New York metropolitan area who hopes to have his first book published within the coming year. Mr. Crawford is deeply interested in the landscape of the Middle East due to family history and personal reading preferances. He discovered Jean Sasson's works thirteen years ago, and since that time has become a studen of her books. Finding Ms. Sasson's books to be fascinating and educational, he has read and studied every book written by this author. When Ms. Sasson asked Jon Gregson to write study guides for her books, it was a dream come true. Jon Gregson has also written the study guide for Ms. Sasson's book MAYADA, DAUGHTER OF IRAQ, which should be published as an e-book study guide within the coming months.