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  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:Women Authors
  • Language:English
  • Pages:74
  • eBook ISBN:9798350908329
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350908312

Poetry for Pups

by Susan Seah

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Discover the heartwarming bond between humans and their four-legged companions in "Poetry for Pups," Susan Seah's debut poetry collection. With humor and emotion, Susan captures the essence of canine love through vivid portraits, imagined conversations, and touching anecdotes, making it a must-read for dog lovers everywhere.
Dive into the profound connection between humans and their beloved canine companions with "Poetry for Pups," an enchanting debut poetry collection by Susan Seah. Through a tapestry of evocative verses, Susan skillfully brings to life the remarkable relationship shared between people and their loyal four-legged friends—those cherished members of the family, steadfast soothsayers, and unbreakable confidantes. Within the pages of this collection, Susan unveils a gallery of canine characters, each lovingly portrayed through humorous anecdotes, heartwarming stories, and soulful musings. With each poem, she delves into the whimsical antics, unspoken thoughts, and imagined conversations she has shared with the pups who have graced her life. In the poignant poem titled "35," Susan grapples with the bittersweet truth of a dog's lifespan, expressing her earnest desire for her pup to live a robust 35 years. In another piece titled "I wish you could talk," she captures the universal yearning that dog owners harbor—to engage in playful exchanges that bridge the gap between human and canine understanding. At its core, "Poetry for Pups" celebrates the symbiotic relationship, unbreakable bond, and profound affection that weave through the lives of both people and their beloved dogs. A touching tribute to the unconditional love that emanates from our furry companions, this collection is an essential read for every dog lover. But it's not just for humans—dogs, with the help of their human companions, are sure to find delight and recognition within these pages too.
About the author

One of Susan Seah’s greatest joys is trying to be a tiger mommy to her adorable beagle pups, but often finding herself surrendering to their whims and fancies. From the moment she became a dog mom over two decades ago, her life has been filled with adventures, inspiration, and unconditional love from her fur babies. Besides being a proud parent of her brilliant and mischievous pups, Susan is also a corporate and technology lawyer and a passionate advocate for the empowerment of women.

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