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  • SubGenre:Coins, Currency & Medals
  • Language:English
  • Pages:246
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543943788

Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters

by Kristen Naylor

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Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters is a book that features over 250 doubled die quarters. The book explains exactly what a doubled die variety is, and captures the allure as to why these coins are their own unique treasures. Key terms and effective methods for finding these coins are addressed through both definitions and illustrative examples. Detailed photos and clear descriptions are provided for each doubled die quarter variety found in the book. Helpful symbols and markers provide a step-by-step guide for the reader to find and accurately identify these coin varieties. A coin checklist is provided for the reader to mark their progress on uncovering all of these wonderful treasures. Know what to look for, learn how to find it, and collect your bounty with Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters.
Many search the world over for valuable treasures; we need look no further than in our own pocket change. Doubled die quarters prominently stand out amongst a pocketful of coins destined to sit in a jar. Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters, shows how to identify doubled die quarter varieties and visually displays how they are much more than just change used to add up to a dollar. The book features over 250 doubled die quarter varieties combined from both the Philadelphia and Denver mints. The coins are realistically obtainable in pocket change as they range in date from 1999 to 2017. Over 600 photographs of coins clearly show the doubling on the quarters, and if applicable, point out die indicators such as die chips, die breaks, and/or die cracks to further assist in accurately identifying the doubled die variety. Helpful symbols appear next to each variety listing to let the reader know if the doubling can be seen with the naked eye, what angle to look at the coin from to see the doubling the clearest, and to give an overall eye appeal assessment of the doubling present on the coin. The reader knows exactly what to look out for, and just as important, knows how to spot it. This book is a must have for numismatists who collect unique standout coins. Those looking for a fun new family activity or way to maximize their money's potential will also experience the thrill of their own personal treasure hunt. Uncover the many treasures you did not know you may already own today with Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters.
About the author
My name is Kristen Naylor, and I am the author of Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters. The book is the culmination of years of collecting and studying coins. I get much enjoyment from numismatic treasure hunting, and look to take the reader on an exciting journey with me. As a young child I would often see my father looking over his coin collection. There were many different types of coins he would show me, and I learned how each coin was valuable and special in its own way. From wheat pennies, to buffalo nickels, to large Morgan silver dollars, and even an occasional gold coin, I knew that these coins were beautiful treasures my dad enjoyed sharing with me. One day while at my brother's hockey game, God blessed me with my own beautiful treasure. While sitting in the stands I came across a 1909 wheat cent in spectacular uncirculated condition. This coin showed me that great coins can be found even today in plain sight. Fast forward 15 years later, and I found my interest in rare coins focusing upon doubled die variety coins. It was very interesting for me to realize that many coins have something "extra" if we look close enough. I searched all denominations of coins ranging from one cent to one dollar looking for doubled die varieties. Over 1 million coins searched and countless trips to the bank later, I decided to focus on quarters. The many different designs each year kept looking at the quarters interesting, and God was and still is blessing me with an abundance of doubled die varieties over so many of the various designs. I know each quarter's design elements and characteristics like the back of my hand from constant inspection under close magnification and in-depth comparisons of coins of the same design. I know what is and what is not a doubled die quarter, what specific area(s) of the coin doubling is frequent upon, and the methods to make the doubling more visible while examining the coin. I put my knowledge and experience into the book in such a way that the reader will know exactly what a doubled die quarter is and how to spot it. The excitement of opening up a roll of quarters and watching 40 possible treasures pour out is what really keeps me happy and passionate about what I do. Each coin could be a very desirable doubled die, or better yet, a new doubled die. It is this thrill I want to pass on to my readers. I want the reader to honestly feel that they are on their own personal treasure hunt. I have added some personal touches to my book to keep the treasure hunt interesting. First, my friend Numis the Numismatist Cat™ helps keep things fun. Numis™ helps by serving as an eye appeal scale that lets the reader know about those tricky to spot doubled dies, as well as some real amazing doubled dies that truly standout in a class of their own. I want the readers to enjoy finding doubled die quarters, and I believe Numis™ will really make them excited when they realize they have found an often missed variety or a top rated variety. Another thing that I strongly believe is imperative to keeping a treasure hunt enjoyable and not becoming frustrating is very clear directions guiding you to what you are seeking to find. I have developed a very simple group of symbols and color coded markers to take the reader step-by-step on identifying a particular doubled die quarter. Finally, when it comes to collecting, I am one for completion; I want to have each and every variety of something. There is a very special feeling you get when after much hard work and searching you have completed a collection. You can now take a step back and admire and appreciate your milestone achievement. For this reason I have included a comprehensive coin checklist. Through God's blessing and my love for coins, I have written Pocket Change Treasure Hunt: Doubled Die Quarters. I hope my book leads you to many doubled die quarter treasures and that you enjoy every minute of your treasure hunt.

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