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  • SubGenre:Photojournalism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • eBook ISBN:9781667883250
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667878270


Real Stories About Real Pictures by an Unfamous Photographer

by P. Kevin Morley

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Here are over two dozen stories behind the photo assignments of a newspaper photographer.  Frequently funny and sometimes sad, the author gives a candid view in words and pictures. Recommended by professional photojournalists and college professors, Photoadventures reveals of a wide arc of experiences of a photojournalist from his personal and journalistic perspectives.  

Photoadventures is a collection of photos and words that gives a rare glimpse into the experiences of a veteran photojournalist, telling the stories behind his photo assignments in a well-written narrative that goes deeper than the visual. The personal perspectives behind the objective work of P. Kevin Morley are laid bare in this collection of photos shot over the course of his 34 years on the photo staff of The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Morley's colorful writing gives the reader insight on what the 65 accompanying photos can't. The serendipitous nature of photojournalism is front and center here, with over two dozen accounts of unique photo assignments. There is an encounter with a man named Satan. Coverage of hurricanes. Visits to a nudist camp. Morley's unjust arrest. Sports photography. Photographing the rich and famous. Even the sheer joy of finding a funny feature photo is a Photoadventure. Morley also discusses the change from film-based photography to digital photography while serving up a time capsule of the shrinking profession of the newspaper photojournalist. The stories behind these photos go beyond the obvious. Each photo situation is approached with openness. Each click of the shutter is an opportunity to learn about people, subjects, and himself. In this book, he shares what he has learned. Morley relates something personal yet relatable to anyone who loves to take pictures. Here are stories to entertain and inspire photography lovers to seek their own Photoadventures. Photoadventures is for anyone who enjoys taking pictures, photojournalists, "word" people AND "visual" people," sociologists and other people-watchers. There are funny stories and sad stories in this wide-range of experiences whose doors were opened by a curious journalist with a camera.
About the author
A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, P. Kevin Morley worked on the photojournalism staff at the Richmond Times-Dispatch for 34 years. While there, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and won numerous state and national awards. His work has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, and through the Associated Press. At the University of Missouri, he worked as coordinator of the Pictures of the Year Competition, the world's largest photojournalism competition. He was contest coordinator for the Virginia News Photographers Association's annual photo competition for 25 years. Morley taught as adjunct instructor in the Journalism Program at the University of Richmond for 28 years. He is a frequent speaker at high schools and colleges. He is the staff photographer for The Richmond Forum, the largest non-profit public speaking forum in the U.S. He is currently a photographer for Enterprise Marketing and Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is author of a children's book, The Stinky Pirate and the Princess. He and his wife and two children live in Richmond, Virginia.

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Fascinating Read Mr. P. Kevin Morley’s stories in Photoadventures center around his profession of photo-journalism. That is, he communicates the news through his photographs. Mr. Morley takes it well beyond that. His empathy and uncanny ability to connect with his subjects moves beyond the 5 W’s (who-what-when-where-why) and turns his pictures into a true art form. His description of the technical parts of job are interesting and enjoyable in their own right. It is his ability to connect with people’s thoughts and feelings through patient observation that is really fascinating and is evident throughout. I did enjoy reading about his photographic encounters with the rich, powerful and famous (Oprah Winfrey, Martin Sheen, Barrack Obama, etc.) but I found the candid, more personal stories, even more rich and rewarding. I always enjoy reading about people when they are as passionate about their craft as Mr. Morley is. And if that person is both very good at his job and a great communicator, it turns the stories into real page-turners! I recommend this book to, well, anyone who enjoys learning about how talented people passionately express themselves in their art. Read more
Amazing You just moved to the top of my list! Your book is amazing!! I hadn’t had time to read much until today and “enthralled” is all that comes to mind. The words and photos seem to cling to your soul. Funny, sad, thought provoking …. I could go on but I do want you to still have at least one humble cell left in you! Well done, Mr. Morley! 📖👏👏 Read more