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  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:280
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350945409

Pets are Family

It's as simple as that.

by Erika Sinner

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In Pets are Family, It's as simple as that, join Erika Sinner on an emotional journey exploring the profound bond between humans and their beloved pets. Centered around the passing of her dog Kingston, the book delves into the intense grief of pet loss and the deep emotional connection we share with our animal companions. Beyond grief, the narrative emphasizes the need to integrate pet loss into societal norms, offering valuable resources and guidance for those navigating this challenging path. Erika's personal story becomes a catalyst for positive change, inspiring vulnerability and compassion. Her mission extends to the workplace, advocating for pet bereavement policies and fostering empathy. The book concludes with practical resources for individuals experiencing pet loss, highlighting our shared humanity and the importance of supporting one another through life's challenges.

Erika's personal moment came in the summer of 2023. Within two weeks she tragically lost one of her Shar Pei, Kingston, while another, Edmond, was diagnosed with cancer. So began a summer-long fight of radiation, immunotherapy, and surgeries between hours-long drives to the hospital. She loved these dogs as sons and her grief was profound, unlike anything she had experienced before. While pet bereavement was available to her, she became very aware that it wasn't the norm. Knowing she was not alone in her shame and grief as a pet parent, she began to gather resources and write about her experience. Her book, Pets Are Family, is slated to be released in early 2024 and is a first step in raising awareness about the necessity of pet bereavement leave in organizational policies. Erika sees Kingston's passing and the events that followed as her "moment that mattered," one that only she will ever feel the full weight of. It has inspired her to show up more vulnerably and lead by example so others feel like they can do the same when their moments arise. While updating company policies to include pet bereavement is crucial, it's just a part of her bigger mission to bring more empathy into the workplace. Because, after all, we're only human, and we need each other more than ever. Empathy in the workplace is about more than cush benefits and a set of values listed in a handbook. But what does this really mean? With relentless determination, Erika Sinner is on a mission to show us—not just within the confines of Directorie, the life science commercialization company she founded and leads as CEO, but across the globe. Erika aspires to be a catalyst for empathy-driven change within organizations. And having defied the odds of extremely humble beginnings to meet overwhelming entrepreneurial success, there is no doubt that she will achieve her goal. It's just a matter of when. Erika grew up in a small Missouri town. She had to work for anything she wanted and often helped her single mother pay for basic needs like food and electricity. This part of her story isn't shared for pity, but rather to paint the picture—these early years instilled the grit, tenacity, and work ethic to ambitiously chase big dreams and realize them. Erika put herself through night school, graduated with a degree in marketing and communications, and entered the world of healthcare, where she worked her way up the ranks in pharmaceutical marketing and, amidst 70-hour work weeks, hoped to make a difference. Erika launched Directorie, a company dedicated to propelling small-to-midsize life science organizations forward in bringing vital products to market. And, in turn, helping patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases receive the medicines they need most. By stepping into the role of CEO, Erika has tapped into newfound potential and purpose. She marries feminine leadership with masculine business savvy to bring unparalleled empathy, thoughtfulness, and understanding to the workplace while maintaining high standards and expectations. Erika's gift is that she recognizes the humanity in everyone—and honors it. She creates space for people to show up authentically and brings an ease and vulnerability that is hard to replicate. Her team calls it "the Erika effect." Whether celebrating a major life milestone, bringing excitement to the everyday, or validating someone's feelings, even if she can't fully relate, Erika believes certain moments matter and deserve extra compassion and understanding.
About the author

Erika Sinner is a CEO, a compassionate advocate, and the guiding force behind Directorie™, a company dedicated to propelling life science organizations forward in bringing vital products to market. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Erika's innovative spirit has fostered successful teams and elevated brands within the pharmaceutical industry. Erika's unwavering commitment to reimagining possibilities extends far beyond the boardroom; she's a woman of action, unafraid to confront societal gaps head-on. Her determination to foster empathetic solutions shines in both her professional and personal life. Erika stands not only as an exceptional CEO but also a devoted wife, a passionate supporter of animals, and leading organizations with compassion. Fueled by her experience in grief, Erika recognized an unaddressed dimension of pet loss, prompting her to shine a light on this often-overlooked facet of the human experience. Through her compelling storytelling, she empowers us to create a world that better supports one another in times of sorrow. Erika's vision includes advocating for the inclusion of pet bereavement leave in organizational policies, sparking a wave of empathy-driven change and leadership. Erika's remarkable capacity to effortlessly blend approachable friendliness with strong support has left an enduring impact on those fortunate enough to cross her path. Her courage in openly sharing her personal journey of loss and vulnerability serves as a guiding light of hope for individuals navigating their own challenges. This book, a reflection of Erika's spirit, will resonate with your heart and guide you toward meaningful action in the face of adversity. Erika is not merely an author; she's a catalyst for healing and transformation.

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Kingston Marshall’s legacy changing the world! I love the passion that Erika has for not only the love of her pets, friends and family but to bring the world the understanding that pets are family and that we should be allowed to grieve the same as a human. Read more
Touching ! Self help book and guide with love and support Erika is transparent and vulnerable to letting you see into her personal life and soul. She gets real and breaks it down as to why pets are family. She demonstrates how tolove and how to grieve in a healthy way. Erika provides support and ways to support others during very difficult times when one loses a “kid”. This is a must read. I cried and laughed and cried again. I felt as if I was right there with her on her journey and you will too. Read more