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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Pandemic Paradise
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:54
  • eBook ISBN:9781667854076

Pandemic Paradise

Staying Focused When Chaos Is Around

by Josh Dawn and Thelma Montijo

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Pandemic Paradise is a how-to-guide that encourages readers to achieve their goals by planning effective strategies amidst chaos. The book is divided into seven sections, with each section describing a difficult task and each subheading offering smaller steps towards completing it. The guide attempts to have a genuine conversation with its readers about who they are and why they continue to live a life riddled with dissatisfaction. It hopes to encourage its audiences to take the first step towards becoming the masters of their own realities. The advice ranges from self-help tactics for mental well-being to financial planning for the everyday struggling survivor. The book asks readers to troubleshoot their inner conflicts and find pragmatic solutions that create Paradise for them here on earth. The how-to guide does not need to be read linearly; the audience is encouraged to jump around from section to subsection depending on whatever pieces of advice attract them the most. The book asks readers to keep themselves accountable as they work towards their personal goals. The book's effectiveness stems from its desire to remove the masks people wear that feign contentment, so they can troubleshoot issues and lead a life filled with true satisfaction.
Pandemic Paradise is a step-by-step guide that outlines the processes it takes to live an accomplished and peaceful life amidst chaos. The book encourages an existence filled with calm while also listing practical tactics for acquiring financial freedom for the everyday struggling survivor. The book reads in seven sections: starting with ways to relieve anxiety and ending with tactics for creating passive income. The book makes special note of the economic impacts that people's personal choices have on the longevity of their lives. The book warns about the dangers associated with perilous times so that each reader can find ways to address issues before they become serious problems. It takes note of the current state of affairs in the attempts to combat the ineffectiveness of inaction by using a top-down approach. The book encourages people to turn their hardships into their sources of inspiration for a better day by asking readers to create innovative ways to profit from their difficulties. Each section has a series of subsections that guide various conversations. The loose narrative can be read nonlinearly by jumping around section by subsection, depending on the subjects that interest each reader most. It can also be read as a step-by-step list that leads each reader toward self-sustainability. A significant theme that resurfaces in different sections of the book is the importance of metacognition: thinking about thinking. Self-reflection is the most essential part of the book itself. The guide asks its audiences to make critical thinking the hallmark of their day-to-day lives. People often complain nonstop but fail to change anything about their behavior. Pandemic Paradise hopes to fill the void of helplessness that grows with aimlessness by asking every single person to do their part. The guide asks audiences to make the necessary changes to their mental geography so they can live a fulfilling life. It also cautions readers that if they let anxiety run their minds, they will inevitably live a life riddled with mistakes and unnecessary wrong turns. The book's primary goal is to encourage people to refocus on what truly matters most: the strategies that will help them create their own personal Paradise here on earth. The book asks people to recognize the importance of the present moment and act now to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves. It asks the audience to allow new data to help them reposition their perspective and gives bits of advice to help people combat confirmation biases. It also encourages readers to live a life filled with peace by turning off their inner tension. It asks its audience to use practical measures to solve practical problems through carefully thought out plans and disciplined strategies.
About the author
Josh Dawn is a Los Angeles native who grew up on the outskirts of Santa Barbara County. He is the oldest of 3 sons and one sister. Josh graduated from a high school in his hometown of Lompoc, California, where he first began to develop his artistic talents. By his early adulthood, he had composed several music singles, all under the musician name J styles. His music inspires his written work, which has poetic underpinnings filled with insightful punch lines and thought-provoking rhetorical devices. You can find his music on all platforms with the keywords J styles & "Questionable Cause." In 2018, Dawn began a podcast titled Smart Degenerates, where he and his co-cast discuss trending topics that range from sports, controversy, and popular cultural trends. His videos are available on YouTube. An entrepreneur at heart, Josh routinely invests in various startup companies. He is currently an avid scout for music talent, referring new artists to the production team Overnight Ent. centered out of Studio City, California. Additionally, Josh is the owner of Bae Drip clothing line. Josh prides himself in his ability to identify promising business ventures and mentor the staff he builds. The strict closures created by the 2019 pandemic were the opportunities he used to put his ideas down on paper. His ultimate goal for his newly published book, Pandemic Paradise, is to help people remain productive and proactive in times of trouble. His online book is the precursor to the Pandemic Paradise audiobook, which is currently being reformatted for audio consumption. Josh's book hopes to encourage readers to use the chaos surrounding them as a tool for growth and innovation. By influencing readers to move upward and onward in times of turmoil, he hopes they too can inspire the struggling people around them to do better and build higher in times of mayhem.
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