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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:War & Military
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Losers
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:218
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098332020

Our War

by Richard Maverick

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This is a modern day civil war novel with NO political blame. After years of questioning the reality of what has been happening in this nation, I have come to the conclusion that when war happens it will be because of WE THE PEOPLE. There is so much division being pushed today by our "political leaders" and "Hollywood elites" that the country is starting to break. Make no mistake about it, the divide they are pushing CAN BE avoided if WE THE PEOPLE would stop for even a moment to realize how brainwashed they are hoping we will become. This story is based on a twenty year long nightmare that I have had. The book is told in the first person, think of it in the terms of a dairy of a man on the ground when it all goes wrong.
Imagine a small county where an hour's drive takes you from rural Amish country covered with grape vineyards through once-proud small towns now rampant with crime ending in an impoverished Native American Reservation. Imagine the plight of the law-abiding residents of the small towns suffering through having to pay for a metropolis 450 miles away as well as political tyrants failed policies. Imagine safe neighborhoods once full of beautiful, well-maintained homes becoming dilapidated ganglands. Imagine your children moving away to greener pastures and their places taken by thugs and druggies. Imagine the despair as the local economy dies while being smothered by astronomical taxes and unemployment as businesses fail or leave. Imagine having your Police vilified and defunded. Imagine trying to live your life the right way with morals and honor in a failing society. Imagine moving away from the failing towns to escape the crime and the smoldering ashes of a not so civil war being stirred to life. Imagine an unknown entity fanning those ashes into a raging fire, and your town, your county, your state, and your nation is at war with itself. Imagine being caught in the midst of unspeakable violence while just trying to get home to your family. Imagine having realized that something like this was coming, having prepared for it, despite being treated like a "loser" by the politically correct culture that caused this. Imagine leading a small band of like-minded armed patriots protecting friends and family in the face of daunting odds as the violence spreads to the rural areas. Imagine organizing a small community to be able to survive a harsh lake effect snow-filled winter while fending off marauding gangs. Inside these pages, you won't have to imagine.
About the author
I grew up in small town USA. My parents had a military surplus business and I recall going to my first gun show with them as a vendor around the age of eight. When I was eighteen, I met what would be the first of many people who, shared with me his "idea" of how the world would end. I was nineteen turning twenty when 9/11 happened. After which I began to listen to some of the "crazies" at the gun shows and I began to prepare for war. For the next two decades I continued doing shows, hearing every single far reaching government conspiracy there was to hear. In 2010 I began what would be a near decade as a student in skilled violence including weapons and hand-to-hand combat training, believing someday my life and the lives of those I loved may depend on my ability to use those skills. I woke to the realization that if any kind of war were to come, it is my belief that it is because we the people can no longer get along. Proof of this can be seen on the news every single day. I sip my coffee every morning watching my children eat their breakfast in fear of what the future holds for them. This book is based on a group of men I met over the years who made a pact to group together in the event of a natural or national disaster to keep their families safe. One of my closest friends asked me, in the early days of writing this book, what I wanted to come from publishing, here is my answer. I want people from all backgrounds, faiths, skin colors, and religions to read the cumulation of a 20-year nightmare. I want people to become who we were after 9/11 again, united and strong as a country. I want people to look at their neighbors as Americans and not republican or democrat. That people are special whether they have or have not and that life should be cherished.
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