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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:248
  • Duration:7 Hours
  • eBook ISBN:9798986644622
  • Paperback ISBN:9798986644677
  • Audiobook ISBN:9798350907292

Our Game

by Jeffrey P. Shafer

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Less than two months away from graduation, Maria was feeling melancholy and alone although she had received acceptance letters from graduate schools offering to pay her full tuition. However, there was only one thing she wanted to do -- play baseball. The problem was that girls don't play professional baseball. It was a sport that had been reserved for the boys of summer for over 150 years. Fortunately for Maria, a decision had been made by the Company that it was time to change things up again. Time to enhance baseball as had been done in 1947 when the game was racially integrated, and Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Company sent its best and most supportive talent to integrate the game once again. It was time to allow women to play professional baseball.

With the assistance of one of the most successful African American entrepreneurs in the country, as well as the commissioner of baseball and a cadre of guardian angels, Maria embarks on her journey to play pro ball. However, Ken and two co-conspirators do their best to sabotage the efforts of the Company to ensure that a woman will never step foot into a major league baseball batter's box. Maria experiences a gamut of emotions as she pursues her dream. She is afraid of making a fool of herself, uncertain of her talents, ecstatic when she starts to realize her dream, and elated when a new, supportive love enters her life. Maria experiences stress, comradery, and humor interacting with male athletes whether on the baseball diamond or in the locker room. Throughout the story, hope spreads the seeds of healing to those who have been left out, left behind, or simply forgotten. Baseball reminds all Americans, again, why it is our national pastime. Why baseball is "Our Game."

About the author
Jeffrey Shafer was raised and educated in the Washington, DC area. Following several successful years as a business owner, Jeff started teaching a business ownership course at a women's college. He also started working as a high school and club volleyball coach. Jeff was inspired to write a novel about the acceptance of women into professional sports after listening to the hopes and dreams of his students and athletes. Jeff's life has been blessed with wonderful family and friends, and an upbringing that celebrated both baseball and a fair chance to compete.

Book Reviews

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a great read especially during baseball season Our Game was a quick read, rich with history and fascinating Baseball facts. You are immediately introduced to many characters who are each on their own path in life when their lives intersect in unique roles ultimately allowing Maria to fulfill her dream and give girls all over the world reason to believe that they can in fact do anything. The sub plots are just as interesting as the main plot. It is written in such detail you feel like you know many of the characters first hand. I was very impressed in the subject and hope it paves the way for women in baseball. I look forward to reading more from this Author in the future. Read more
Our Game I recommend this book who anyone who finds it mentally satisfying to encounter a read that guides you to a "eureka" moment. A place that defines a new understanding/perspective on a subject. I recommend this book to any reader that finds entertainment in a wide range of introspective characters and also appreciates an author/narrator with a good sense of humor. Since BookBaby's description of "Our Game" is so concise, this review is focused on the delightful style of the author's writing. I found the narrative to be written with equal amounts of relatable playfulness and genuine empathy. The narrative is abound with everyday observations that may typically go unnoticed by me, the reader. The narrator skillfully uses mindful word choices and at times, a poetic turn of a phrase, to jolt me into awareness. I love to read for that very reason. It should be further noted that I know nil about baseball. Among other reasons, I give this book a 5 star rating because the author was able to skillfully keep me fully engaged in the plot and subplots as I became familiar with various baseball players, teams and ball parks. The plot is perfectly supported by its cast of characters, the settings and the author's in-depth knowledge of Major League Baseball. The subject of this book gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my perception of the sport, its athletes, and the important role baseball/sports play in our collective societal conscience. Furthermore, the subplots cannot be overlooked in this review as they provide such additional action and so smoothly compliment the main plot. In closing, I suspect that every reader will enjoy the unexpected and delightful twist at the end of the story. Enjoy your read. Read more