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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Creativity
  • Language:English
  • Pages:140
  • eBook ISBN:9781098348205
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098348199

One HeArt Wisdom

Find the courage to change your life

by Pamela Cail

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There's a quote I heard that goes like this, "The longest journey that you will ever take is from your head into your heart space". This book is a perfect starting place to act as a personal guide on how to take this journey. Pam is a true one-heart warrior as she guides us through her personal experiences in handling life's chaos that have been thrown at her from many different directions. From dealing with life- threatening diseases to overcoming addiction and depression, Pam escorts us through the importance of moving through different energies, provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to process these energies and emotions, and shares with us from the depths of her own Heart Wisdom what has worked and stayed true for her and all of the people that she has touched through her art work and healing offerings.
There are books. There are self-help books, inspirational books, spiritual books, religious books and books of learning. And then, there is a book – a book that rips the guts out of your self-righteous thinking, takes aim at all of your pretenses and brings you to your knees. And this is where you want to go! One Heart Wisdom – the name conjures feelings and thoughts of a cozy fire, warm cocoa and, perhaps, grandmother rocking slowly as she details for you the perfect way to live your life. And you take it in because it is grandmother and hope that, maybe, someday you will be able to live that life. Stop! Stop right there and re-draw that imaginary scene. That is not where you are going now. One Heart Wisdom demands that you abandon the separation you have created in your mind and surrender to your heart, which means that you no longer get to be the person you believe you are. No. That personality you developed is now useless in the face of life's dramas and traumas, all of the stories you make up so that you can survive. Now survival is no longer an issue. This time it is about thriving, flourishing as the Wisdom of your One Heart – only you have to let go of the ropes binding you to your long-held, limiting beliefs to be able to go there. And, because you really do want to go there, destroy those beliefs and literally have no one to guide you, you simply don't go. "I can't go it alone," says the mind. Okay, I agree. And why should you? After all, this life has been lonely enough. Isn't it time for a friend, a guide – someone living that wisdom who will ignite that same insight within you? So, here you are with this book in your hands and it is time. Yes, it is the moment in your life when you put down the mask that you have been wearing for what seems like eons and let the world see you. And, you are not alone. No, not alone because Pam will lead you, first boldly through her story of pain, despair and ultimate awakening, then intimately through art, meditations
About the author
PAMELA CAIL is an intuitive soul artist. Always artistic, Pamela awakened to her art while suffering through a very stressful time in her life "when a lot of things seemed to be going wrong". She found her art again - only this time with a much different attitude. She would remain true to herself and her own unique interpretation being led by the voice of her heart. The results astounded not only herself but those that were guided to her. Intuitively and with focused intent, Pamela connects to her client's energies to deliver messages of hope in the form of beautiful, colourful and passion-driven art. Anyone who has experienced Pamela's work can attest to the purity of the message and sacredness of the energy contained within. Pamela sees clients out of her home studio "Rainbow HeArt Studio". Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Pam offers intuitive painting classes, where the focus is on healing with art, and in particular, facilitating groups of people interested in expanding into their heart space.