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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:278
  • Format:Paperback
  • eBook ISBN:9781667815923
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667815916

Obscure Felicity

by Charlotte Woodland

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When a young couple named Brenda and Vincent connect with the Universal Mind during a night in the desert, it changes their lives for the better. Brenda, an artist, becomes a master painter; Vincent, an engineer, produces breakthrough after breakthrough in optics. After inventing a pair of sunglasses intended to re-establish a connection to the Universal Mind using specific wavelengths of light, Vincent is killed in a freak accident. A bereft Brenda is left only with a pair of his sunglasses but learns how to use them to find Vincent's spirit and slowly begins to recover. This begins an odyssey of personal improvement as the glasses pass through several hands, rectifying the lives of all but one of the holders, as Brenda experiences brief flashes of their lives. "Obscure Felicity" explores the never-ending quest to understand the power of creativity, innovation and insight. Where do the ideas that have resulted in everything we've invented ultimately come from? Is our creativity inherent in the species, or a well of knowledge, where the enlightened may drink at will?


"Obscure Felicity" is a thoughtful, philosophical novel about what happens when individuals tap into the deep collective of human potential, and how it changes their lives for the better, opening up whole new worlds of creativity for them. While containing elements of fantasy, science fiction, mysticism, and magical realism, the novel isn't easily pigeonholed—one of the things that makes it intriguing, mysterious, and ultimately satisfying. 

About the author
After graduating from Rutgers University with degrees in English and Sociology, Charlotte became a stained-glass artist until joining the corporate world of IT sales and marketing for many years. When facing some life changing struggles she became a Volunteer Literacy Tutor and Reiki Master, mainly to help overcome her grief and heal herself. That invaluable experience had a major impact in broadening her base of understanding of life's universal ways and human potential. Once retired from the corporate world she went on a World Tour with her partner and traveled through over 60 countries. They maintained a pictorial blog of their journey, with their travels still continuing now in the US. Writing her first novel came as her Muse kept highlighting ideas in her head fusing consciousness, technology, and human potential.

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Obscure Felicity I met John (the assistant muse) skydiving. He told me about this book and what he described sounded wonderful. I purchased the book right away. What I just read exceeded his description! The thought process behind this book is so unique. I found myself personally involved with each character and lost in the descriptions. This book was beautifully written. I'm really excited about another one coming out. (Fingers crossed) Thank you, Charlotte, for a fantastic read Read more
Obscure Felicity Charlotte Woodland shares an entertaining and intriguing story in "Obscure Felicity" with a cast of complex characters who are beautifully developed. A very clever plot line explores all manner of art, optics, and human nature that delights the reader as the sunglasses pass from one unsuspecting person to the next. I would highly recommend. Read more
Relatable, Magical, and Inspiring Charlotte Woodland is a very visual writer and with only a few words she can elicit detailed images of places, characters, art, and music. Her characters in Obscure Felicity are very relatable and gradually introduced throughout the book. When a chapter ended with, "We need to talk," there was no way I could put the book down. The story: After a mystical experience in the desert, Vincent and Brenda’s lives are changed forever. Vincent invents special sunglasses with the intent to recreate this same magical experience of connection to the Universal Mind. The glasses find their way to other unassuming characters through being stolen, dropped, and picked up. As they journey through different characters, each temporary owner has a jolt of connection to the Universal Mind and receives instantaneous personal growth. Favorite characters: Carter, for his adventures and growth from being selfish, to finding real fulfillment in helping others. Helen, who is struggling with taking care of others, magically finds her true passion/talent and begins to focus on herself. This book has a lot of thoughtful interactions with attention to small details that even professionals in the subject areas would experience as real. I recommend this adventurous, thought-provoking, easy to read book for older teens through adults. We could all benefit from a little magical healing. Read more
Obscure Felicity I finished reading Obscure Felicity! WOW. Job well done.! This book took me through a plethora of emotions from the beginning to the very end. Thank you Charlotte for having a strong ability to capture my mind with your descriptive words. I felt physically present in several scenes during my reading sessions. This book will change the lives of many people! It’s an empowering read. Read more
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