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  • SubGenre:Political
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9798350956405

Not This Future

by Asher Sommer

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There was a time around the 2000s when the people should have started thinking about the future they want to live in. By now we should see that this discussion never happened. instead we see a system progressing of a future, which we would call dystopian. The human no longer seems to be the center of the developments and especially with the events that we saw during the Covid plandemic it should be no surprise that we are heading towards becoming an imprisoned population of transhuman livestock moving our personal lives more and more into the realm of cyberspace.
Does anyone still remember how we anticipated the future when we were younger? We were fascinated with new technology, Sci-Fi and space travels. Here we are now, in the future, which turns out to be not so much like the future we have been looking for. We were once told that technology would make our lives easier and better, so we would have more time for ourselves. What has happened to that promise? If we are not careful humanity is steering into the absolute wrong direction. From 2020 to 2023 we are seeing further division in politics. We see the appearance of new technology which is more and more about replacing humans, not benefiting us at all. We see automation on one hand and restrictions for humans on the other. Especially over the Covid years we have seen worldwide lockdowns, turning us into a worldwide prison population. There is a reason why this happens. We should have had a dialogue in the early 2000s where we want humanity to go from there. Instead the entertainment was so great that the participation in such debates was very low, so it should be no wonder that others designed their desired future for us. A future which is not in favor of humanity. A future where the human society undergoes forced transformations, which even go as far as changing the human body irreversibly. We step by step see more measures of removing the human from nature, while at the same time we are sold the idea of protecting the environment.
About the author
Asher Sommer is an African (Ghanaian) German living in China. He is an entrepreneur and owns a clothing manufacturing and trading company in China. He is a fashion designer who runs his own clothing brand www.blackbomb.com. He is also an author, historian, musician and graphic artist. He has traveled all over the world. Asher has a living experience in every cultural background on this planet. There is no place on earth he does not call his home. His content might be provocative at times. The only label he is giving himself is the label of a freethinker.