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  • SubGenre:Personality
  • Language:English
  • Pages:272
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098347710

Nine Sapiens: Biology and Evolution of Personality Types

Or how a hunter-gatherer impacted Wall Street

by Claudia Nario and Hugo Krüger

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The roots of personality along two fascinating journeys: 70,000 years ago, and one inch inside the brain. A provocative text that presents a solid hypothesis on the possible scientific bases of the Enneagram model of personality, providing evidence from recent findings in the fields of behavioral genetics, neurobiology and evolutionary psychology. Have lots of fun, learn about crazy (yet true) stuff that you had never heard before about the internal wiring of your own personality, be surprised by scientific discoveries and learn about each type's contribution to the survival of our species; all of them told to you in an easy-to-read, approachable style.
Knowing oneself has, no doubt, beneficial effects. Not only for the person concerned, but also for those around them and, by extension, for society as a whole. This is what Nine Sapiens is about, a book that approaches the psychology of personality from an original perspective. Moving at the intersection between Science and the Enneagram model of personality, this book draws a parallel between the nine personality types and recent breakthroughs in the fields of behavioral genetics, neurobiology, and evolutionary psychology. Reading this book is like embarking on a trip that will take you to visit the internal wirings that lie inside your own brain, the evolutionary explanation of why the different personality types have been preserved, a vision of each type's unique contribution to the evolution of our species, and an understanding of what might be the internal dynamics that explain how you feel, how you approach problems, or how you react to your day to day challenges. Far from putting people into "boxes", this text is an invitation to discover our own uniqueness and embrace our genuine self, for the ultimate purpose of realizing our own inner potential and our contribution to society. This book is directed to leaders, coaches, psychologists, consultants, professionals in people development and anyone interested in advancing on their journey to self-awareness and personal evolution.
About the author
Claudia Nario is a licensed clinical psychologist, with a master's degree in organizational behavior, and more than 25 years of experience using personality models in leadership development. She is currently conducting doctoral research on the impact of personality on leadership effectiveness. She has been a business executive, university professor, consultant, coach and trainer, working with organizations all around the world