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  • Genre:ART
  • SubGenre:Criticism & Theory
  • Language:English
  • Pages:245
  • eBook ISBN:9781483533476

New Reason New Way

How My Skepticism Changed My Art

by Andy Eppler

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Prolific artist Andy Eppler discusses his experience with making art and his need to redefine inspiration and the creative process after losing his belief in the god of his childhood.


In New Reason New Way, life long artist and half of the Colorado based duet The Prairie Scholars, Andy Eppler, recounts his creative journey from superstition to repeatable process with regard to making his art. After losing his faith in the God of his childhood, Andy began a search for more concrete answers to his questions. “If there is no God, what is that feeling of perfect inspiration?” “What is art?” “What is the role of an artist in society?” In New Reason New Way Andy tackles each question and many more with purpose, tenacity, and good humor. Using his unique perspective and powers of reasoning Andy also explains how one can navigate the obstacles that often block the path of creative people trying to produce work. This book is not only about why an artist kept making art even after his original reason for making it had vanished, it is also about how that artist reinvented his process and reimagined his work. This is the new reason and the new way.

About the author

Andy Eppler is an artist who is keen to explore various genres and mediums with his prolific work. Though he is most well known as a songwriter, Eppler is also a published poet, author, and tireless producer. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Andy has used his sharp mind, southern charm and humor to communicate his skeptical messages about religion, art and society. His works include: "There is No Underground" (2007), "Dark Places" (2008), "Disease in the Heartland" (2009), "Strangers in the Modern Era" (2010) "Live Wires" (2010), "Long and Lonesome Way" (2011), "The Wasteland Ramble" (2012), "Andy Eppler's Traditional Christmas" (2012), "Live Wires II" (2013), and "Wasted Tracks" (2013). With each passing album Eppler has honed his craft to a finer point with more purpose, passion and potency. Beginning in 2008 he began producing his work behind closed doors where he would record all his own instruments, mix all his own albums and create his own album art. He and his wife Jessica formed the band The Prairie Scholars in 2010 and have quickly become a favorite of art lovers all over the world. Andy and Jessica currently live in Colorado where they perform together as The Prairie Scholars. Andy is a voting member of the Texas Recording Academy and the owner of Velvet Syntax Publishing.

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