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  • SubGenre:Dreams
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483564135

New Prince

A Thinking Mans Game

by Samuel Moore

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A guide to teach adaptability to ensure progress in ones life

     Fundamentals taught through adversity strengthen you, if you let it. New princes was developed in mind for the generation gap. Each generation has to learn what the previous generation knows before they can move forward. A lot of children, women, men, and or adults get lost in the shuffle, when elders are lost. No guidance, is setting anyone up for failure. We get caught in a circle of unhealthy growth, men go to prison, or they die, women are stuck with two roles, and are exhausted. The family structure is in place for a reason.We were made to coincide with one another. No matter race or skin color. We all bleed, breathe, and dream. This makes us human. Single parents homes leave child to grow up with pieces missing. Advice, guidance and seeing progress will lead to progress.

About the author

     S.j.moore A Philanthropist and Educator. He was born and raised in Sa diego California. Father of 2. A writer who pen poses raw gritty street voice and motivational books. A product of his environment and own street struggle. An advocate for children. Sam went on to run his own mobile studio and later got a safety degree for bio chemical plants. A writer since a teenager. Samuel Has always followed his dreams and turned his passion into a hobby and then into reality. " if you cant digg reality then follow your dreams"

      Future works in progress is The Stalemate, three book series starting with Stalemate and Checkmate