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  • SubGenre:Educational Policy & Reform / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:212
  • eBook ISBN:9781631927027
  • Paperback ISBN:9781631926471

New Money For Old Rope

The Disintegration and Systematic Rape Of Public Education by Big Business, the Government, and Corrupt Administrators

by Ian Kay

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I expect that many teachers will get a good deal of satisfaction from seeing their concerns in print, and I hope that reading this book will be a cathartic experience for them, as writing it has been for me. Who will tell the truth about what is really going on in our schools? For sure it won't be a working teacher. Their lives and pensions are vested in the profession, and if they were to file any form of public complaint against the administrators, they would risk becoming a pariah within their school and throughout the educational community. It would be a career-ending move. Only someone like me who is retired, and still passionate about educational concerns, can face down fraudulent administrators, corrupt board members, and greedy corporate types who are perverting educating and diverting money allocated for public schools into their for-profit ruse, using 'choice' as their mantra. No doubt, it takes a modicum of courage to expose administrative inadequacies, and corrupt practices, as one must overcome many years of risk avoidance and intimidation. So here are the facts, backed by personal experience, along with solutions to change the process to make the system work for the students and their teachers, who in the final analysis are only people who truly count. Everybody else is superfluous.
Everybody knows that the truth can be hurtful, but It is time that the public becomes aware of what is really going on in the schools, and why we will never achieve true reform until we remove the fraudulent administrative system that keeps teachers in virtual servitude. New Money For Old Rope is written by Ian Kay, a retired veteran teacher, a gadfly, free from constraints, and willing to reveal the 'dark' side of educational administration, the wasted taxpayer money, the duplicative services, and the attempt of corporate America to implant a business mentality into the system, which will allow them to reap major profits as education goes digital. The book describes corrupt management practices at the administrative level, and a fraudulent system that uses and abuses teachers to obfuscate their own inadequacy. It will expose the devious practices used by administrators, and present ulterior motives concerning the efforts by certain individuals to reform education, only to feed their own selfish interests. These people have a stranglehold on taxpayers and on the children of America, so it is imperative that we reduce the pyramidal structure of educational administration, and allow veteran teachers to take charge of the process. Read how one 'helicopter parent' can destroy the morale of the entire teaching staff by using undue influence to corrupt the administration and the process. Learn why scheduling skills, which are key to a quality education, is being avoided by administrative personnel, and more.
About the author
IAN KAY was born in Manchester, England, and immigrated to Brooklyn, NY at 9 years old. He taught 28 years as a Choral, Band and Orchestra director at JHS 275 and Erasmus Hall HS in Brooklyn, Woodmere Academy and Roslyn HS in Long Island, and Charlestown Academy in Charleston, SC. He has B.S./ M.S. in Music Education, and a PD in Educational Supervision from Queens College in Flushing, NY. Ian has become a severe critic of educational administration, and of the corporate takeover of public schools in the USA. He has also written group and individual instruction books for the classroom. He now lives in Charleston, SC with his wife and continues to write and explore musical endeavors as a singer and saxophonist