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  • SubGenre:Small Business
  • Language:English
  • Pages:158
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667869643

Network Like A Millionaire

Practical Strategies For Increasing Your Net Worth With Social Capital

by Michael Wilson

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Network Like a Millionaire shows you how to unlock your potential and join their ranks. It begins with understanding and implementing the concept of social capital. Inside, you will learn everything you need to convert this idea into a fountain of wealth. Topics covered include: • The business silo of self-employment • Three types of capital • Social capital and using it to your benefit • Building your network • The power of relationships And so much more.

"Network Like A Millionaire" by Michael Wilson is a guide that delves into the strategies and mindsets necessary for successful networking in the modern business environment. The book emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections rather than merely exchanging business cards. Wilson argues that true networking wealth comes from investing in relationships, understanding the needs of others, and finding ways to add value to their lives and careers.

He introduces readers to innovative approaches for leveraging social media platforms, attending events, and navigating professional settings to establish meaningful connections. The book is filled with actionable advice, real-world examples, and exercises designed to enhance networking skills. Wilson also touches on the psychology of networking, offering insights into how to overcome common fears and barriers that prevent people from networking effectively.

Furthermore, "Network Like A Millionaire" provides strategies for maintaining and nurturing professional relationships over time, ensuring that one's network is a robust, supportive, and dynamic asset. Wilson's approach is holistic, focusing not just on the quantity of connections, but on the quality and depth of those relationships. This book is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone looking to expand their influence and achieve success through the power of networking.

About the author

Michael Wilson is a business coach turned author from McAllen, Texas, whose book Network Like a Millionaire focuses on building networks to improve business. Several years ago, Michael recognized a noticeable lack of prioritization of networking. Applying concepts he learned in the army, Michael seized on the career opportunity and embarked on his journey as a coach. Today Michael is a certified John Maxwell Coach. He has attained an Associate degree in Business Management, a bachelor's in technology management, an MBA, and has been accepted for a Doctoral in Strategic Leadership. A Network Lead Exchange chapter owner and the co-owner of Entrepreneur Power Network, he works with companies all over the U.S. developing growth strategies, one benchmark at a time, until the final, most significant target is secured. Passionate about furthering his reach with whom he could help, Michael began to write to share his knowledge on a broader scale. Network Like a Millionaire uses the tools and concepts he employs with his clients to teach readers how a more extensive network can improve resources and expand opportunities. To learn more about Michael Wilson and his mission to help others achieve success, visit www.entrepreneurpowernetwork.com