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  • SubGenre:Healing / Prayer & Spiritual
  • Language:English
  • Pages:124
  • eBook ISBN:9781667894010
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667894003

Mystical Journeys and Sacred Initiations

by Susie Tamim

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"Mystical Journeys and Sacred Initiations" reinforces the message of Susie's spiritual work traveling around the world to spread love and light to humanity. She believes you must listen to your higher self and pay more attention to the signs around you. Once you become aware of these signs and how they relate to your spiritual and emotional well-being, you are on the right path to healing and spiritual enlightenment.
This book is about tapping into the universal life force energy that has the power to help us heal and to attain spiritual enlightenment by seeking stillness and noticing the signs around us. Susie Tamim had no intention to write this book, but she had to listen to the signs she kept receiving during the year 2020 – a time of crisis for the world. One of those signs was delivered by top medium, Jennifer Mackenzie, who told her online, "I have a Susan with me. Is she your mother?" She was! "She's telling me to tell you, 'did you really think you have finished? Get out that computer or pen and paper. My goodness, there's loads yet to tell, my lovely Susie'." Then Jennifer added, "She also said she will stand behind you as you write your second book." This spiritual guidance from her late mother culminated in this book. It follows the magical journey of Susie's life and the mission God gave her after a near-death experience in 1976. She became aware of a new sense of being in this world and the more she prayed and meditated, the more she began to listen to her higher self that gave clarity to her mission; to spread love and light to Mother Earth. This allowed her to travel throughout Jordan and on to America, Peru, Egypt, China and Europe, where she has met some wonderful people and experienced extraordinary spiritual happenings described in detail throughout this book. These spiritual experiences are synchronicities that have guided her throughout her life; they are not just coincidences to be ignored but messages from the universe that are magically arranged and aligned to deliver a message. The pandemic felt as if God had given her the time to share these blessings to inspire and give hope to as many people as possible, simply because, Susie believes, everyone in this world is special and is part of one consciousness on Mother Earth.
About the author
Susie was born in Dublin, Ireland and was blessed with the gift of psychic abilities. By the age of ten, she had a vision that she would live in the Holy Land one day. Many mediums and psychics who met her knew that she was put on this earth to heal and help others. Her vision became a reality in 1981 when she moved to Jordan to work with the Royal Jordanian airline. By 1990, she had met her future husband Amin Tamim and settled down to married life in Amman. In her pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and service, she became a Reiki Grand Master in 1996. Susie has travelled extensively within Jordan and the region, primarily to sacred energy spots or to go on spiritual pilgrimages.