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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9798350945034

My Journey to the Light

by Dave Collins

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There comes a point in life where it is important to know where we have come from and understand choices that directed the journey to our present location in life. Life's journey involves both the physical steps and the emotional and mental growth that impact those steps taken. This understanding helps us know who we are and what moved us to stand at our present place in life. We can evaluate where we stand at present and consider with wisdom our next steps in life. My Journey to the Light is the story of the steps Dave Collins has taken. It recounts his mental, emotional, and spiritual growth that led him to write a personal mission statement that helps direct his life now. Its goal is to provide an example and encouragement for the reader to do some soul searching and personal evaluation in their life journey.
My Journey to the Light is the story of Dave Collins' journey through life from childhood to old age. The story includes childhood and family experiences. Follow the impact of his education. See him start and grow a relationship with God and develop a life mission. See the beginning and growth of his family. Follow how all these things move Dave toward maturity and completeness in order to be a light for others. Life is filled with dark hard times and bright times filled with good. You will see both described in this journey. All experiences are important and teach us. I describe my experiences and how God used those experiences to impact and develop my life. We all begin life with immature minds. As we grow, we develop a more complete understanding of life. We develop perspectives which direct our choices impacting ourselves and those around us. I describe how my experiences impacted my thinking. Most people ask questions about themselves at some time. I asked myself questions like these. Why am I here? What am I good at? What is my purpose? Does my life count? Does my life matter? Am I lovable? Another leading influence and gift in life is relationships. You will see some of the leading relationships in my life and how they have made a difference. All these things together tell a story of God at work in the life of one of his children made in his image with purpose and value. My goal in writing has been to tell a part of God's story as seen through my life. At the end of each chapter, you will see questions that point you to consider your own life with the goal of helping you know more fully your own beauty and value.
About the author
Dave grew up in Texas. He earned a degree in physical education and history from the University of Houston followed by a masters degree from Fuller seminary. Dave served nearly fifty years in public education, churches, international ministry, and Young Life befriending and leading young and old toward a deeper understanding of themselves and God's love. He has seen many countries and cultures and travelled through much of the world. Beauty and relationships have been a focus for almost all of Dave's life. He is an accomplished artist with the goal of bringing the beauty of God's creation into peoples homes. Following retirement from ministry, Dave's main focus has been on loving his wife and family while he still paints and writes to share and connect with others. Dave currently has two other books available. One is An Artist's Story, the story behind Dave's art with some of his works displayed and described. The other is Walking With God, a devotional covering one year. Each day takes one page with scripture followed by a few thoughts to apply the scripture and questions to apply the thoughts. Relationships, writing, and art are still his main tools to connect with people and share the love of God with others.