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  • SubGenre:Music
  • Language:English
  • Pages:164
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667897066


Detroit Musicman

by Gary Spaniola

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Playing a black Les Paul through a vintage Marshall stack, mic'd through a tower-high wall of speakers at Detroit's Cobo Hall feels like you're flying a 747, with one exception… You're standing on top of it. In this engaging and often humorous memoir, Gary Spaniola gives a behind-the-scenes look into the many aspects of his life. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Gary shares unforgettable moments of his childhood, his rise in the Detroit music scene with his rock band, Bitter Sweet Alley, his career as a record producer earning multiple gold and platinum records, and his obsession with learning that caused him to alienate the music world for years to become a self-taught computer programmer designing his own automation system and launching his own software company.  After achieving multiple software design awards, he once again reignited his true passion for creating music and went on to release three additional solo albums. Gary's storytelling captures the sincerity and humor of the colorful chaos of growing up in a large family, getting his first guitar, performing in front of thousands of people, and sharing the stage with many legendary rock icons. He takes you with him back to the small, seedy venues and up to the major crowd-filled arenas, as well as the countless hours practicing guitar, creating his software, and building his dreams. Gary shares his trials, tribulations, and determination with every career turn. Interlaced in this memoir is Gary's love for faith, family, and lifelong friends, along with the hilarity and frustration of growing up and finding his way in life.

Whenever I brought up moments from my past that held merit or could provoke a laugh, my wife Erica would encourage me to tell another. Then the day arrived when she said, "You should write these stories down." Once I heard those words, I was off to the races. I immediately started building the dream that I could actually become a writer - an author. I thought to myself, Shakespeare has nothing on me, and who's this Mark Twain guy anyway? Without hesitation, I went out to purchase a scarf, a pipe, and some pens and paper. My new dream was just around the corner. I started thinking, why did I wait so long? In how many languages will my book be published? How long will it be on the New York Times Best Seller list? Right around that time, I realized that I was the guy who barely graduated high school, and English was my worst subject. Growing up in the Detroit area, determination and true ambition was the fuel that propelled me. With any interest I had, I became obsessed. As a child, I was all-consumed with learning to play the guitar, eventually forming a band, Bitter Sweet Alley, that went on to release multiple albums, including the hit single "Time to Move." As a teenager, I became interested in music production. With nothing but a couple of cassette recorders and my blind ambition, I went on to build three recording studios and became a record producer, earning multiple gold and platinum records. Once my entrepreneurial skills found the taste of success, there was no looking back. I then became fascinated with the world of 1s and 0s and became a self-taught computer programmer. I launched my own software company and designed an automation system achieving multiple software design awards, and I am honored to have my automation system featured in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. After years in the computer world, I once again reignited my true passion for creating music and went on to release three additional solo albums.

About the author

Music critics and fellow guitarists proclaim that the new album, UNTETHERED, will set a new standard for six-string guitar slingers.

UNTETHERED is not only the album's title track but also the attitude of the musical journey through the entire album. Gary's virtuoso guitar playing moves seamlessly from a solid-rock guitar anthem to a soothing acoustic melody that will deliver you to a perfect sandy beach with an amazing OCEANVIEW. The journey awaits; all you need to do is book the flight.